Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Preppy Quatrefoil, Monogram, Feathers, and Pillows

Hello Loves,

Last week I posted about how I found a few great wreaths on Etsy... what I did not mention was that on the 32 pages I browsed through looking for those wreaths, I also found a few other fantastic treasures.

First, since there is nothing more synonymous with preppy than the monogram... how charming is this moss covered H? I swear if she had a D I would most certainly have emptied my wallet of the necessary $18 - I have stopped buying monograms with my last initial for the hopes of acquiring a certain *ahem* ring, in the near future :). I love this little vignette she created with the white bird and the antique books. I have a few white birds that are similar to this, and I have never ever thought of setting them up along with some books... so very charming. The Etsy shop is Restruct3 click here to visit it!

The next stunning item that caught my eye is this gorgeous quatrefoil pressed tin welcome sign. I've posted about my love of quatrefoil here and here... but if you can believe it I don't own a single piece... for $17 this would make a charming and affordable first edition to my quatrefoil collection don't you think? This item came from the charming shop Embellished Bayou please click here to drop by and see it.

Now lovelies, I must admit I am not the sort of girl who can wear feathers... I do however envy that sort of girl... you know the one, with the charming sense of style who always seems to look just a little exotic in the most appealing way. Well, if you love are fortunate enough to be one of those darling, exotic, feather wearing girls... please on my behalf purchase and wear this gorgeous feather headband...  

I do wish I had the right style to wear something this stunning... wouldn't this be lovely atop a veil for a 1920's style wedding? These lovely feathers are featured on the shop kgafeatherwerks' please do drop by and see them.

The final offerings that caught my eye are these lovely french burlap pillows. These pillows range in price from $13 - $20 each, which in my mind is a very affordable price for such charming pillows!

I love the crown, the chandelier, and the horizontal striped burlap, but really I was completely taken with the charming bumble bee! All of these pillows are available from the shop Les Petits Tresors, many other wonderful designs are available.

*I was not gifted or paid in anyway to suggest these products.

**Speaking of interior design... all you Sex and The City fans better hop right on over to Habitually Chic blog because she has done a lovely post about the interior design of Carrie's apartment in the 2nd movie... and based solely on images from the previews she has been able to name the sources for much of the furniture, fabrics, and wall coverings... amazingly she has also been able to name many of the books covering Carrie's coffee table -- something to read perhaps to channel your inner Carrie?

***On a personal side note... today is my older sister's last day of school! Her actual college graduation is in May... but technically she is done today! Michelle I am so proud of you... I love it that you set out to do school your way and did just that! I admire you for your passion and your calling to teach and your heart for special education... you will make the very best teacher! Way to go Sissy! :)

Have ya'll ever seen two sisters who look more alike than us?!?! *wink


mFw said...

Super cute pictures! Have a great day!

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

Okay, now I am sure that I love you. I won't continue to go on and on, there are very few blogs that keep me riveted till the end, and I find myself a little sad that it's over when I reach this section of your page.
I love the feather 1920's wedding how stylish of you my darling friend, here's a quick kiss on your right cheek, now turn, and another on the other.
My word verification on this comment was bridedom. Funny! It's a sign. A good one not bridedoom.

Scientific Housewife said...

Love the monogram and other cute items :)

the NEO-traditionalist said...

Such great finds!! I want a monogram moss "K"!! xoxo katie

Fashion Meets Food said...

Just came across your blog and I am loving it! I love the feather headband... how beautiful! You now have a new follower!


Embellished Bayou said...

Thanks so much for featuring my Welcome tin! I'm happy to create any type of custom sign using that same tin...I could even do a monogram!