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What Will The Girl Become - A Cautionary Tale

Hello lovelies,

I got a good laugh out of this cautionary poster... whenever I stumble across something like this I'm always surprised that people were allowed to print these sort of things in magazines and newspapers....

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Garden of Delights -Vogue Editorial 2006

Hello Lovelies,

I believe that classic photography along with classic style are always fashionable... lately I've been finding myself drawn back to this December 2006 Vogue Editorial by Steven Meisel.

I love how striking these blue poppy print dresses are against the structure hedge and the green background, the pattern jumps out at you without overwhelming you.

I love this pose, the chairs laid down on the bed of jasmine, the girls in such a state of repose... and I love the use of color here, just a punch of purple, again not overwhelming but it calls you to keep looking, and somehow although the girls are resting the image itself seems to have movement.

You might have seen this image, it's floating around on several blogs and other such pages. I love the way the skirts blend in with the greenery, as though the girls themselves might be some sort of forest creature. The pattern on their blouses also feels very regal to me, and a little bit fantasy, perhaps they're on their way to play croquet with Alice and the red queen?

This image is my favorite of the shoot! That had needs to make an appearance at Ascot! and I am in awe of the makeup for this image, those smokey eyes, the pale pink lips, the dewy bronze neckline... major props to the makeup artist for this one!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Another Great Steven Meisel Editorial

Hello lovlies,

I am swooning over this Steven Meisel editorial featuring the stunning Viktoriya Sasonkina... the old Hollywood glamour, and the fabulous costume design are beyond stunning. Lets not forget the clear sharpness of the black and white photos, I do appreciate the gorgeous layering techniques that photoshop offers, but at the end of the day I'm far more drawn to a clear, crisp image! and how about that red, red lipstick... I do wish I had the kind of class and style that would support wearing red lipstick!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Breakfast at Tiffany's Wedding

Hello Lovelies,

I'm sure many of you wonderful blog saavy readers have already seen this wedding, but I just couldn't resist posting it. I'm not sure if the couple won a contest but they were on the Today show and Martha Stewart and her team helped design this Breakfast at Tiffany's wedding. The bride wore Tiffany jewelry, the guests were allowed to browse through the store which was closed except for attendees of the wedding, the party favors followed the Tiffany theme as well, and the bride and groom were at the Today show on their big day and rode off in a vintage checkered Taxi. Again, I'm not sure if they won a contest or just had a fabulously big budget but they certainly created a dream wedding!

The bride re-creating a classic pose from the movie.

This is a window at Tiffany's. The store decorated it with vintage chandeliers to match the movie theme, and laid out the wedding favors along with a copy of the invitation... can you imagine a window at Tiffany's decorated just for your wedding?

Tiffany themed wedding favors.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Julia Galdo's 1920's

Hello Lovelies,

I recently stumbled across images from this stunning 1920's-esque editorial. I love the styling and the natural light in all the shots... and honestly isn't there something spicy about a prohibition girl? You never quite know what to expect from her... it's a different sort of class from the mid-century Stepford Wife look I so adore.

This is my favorite shot... I adore those oversized chess pieces and that view must be stunning!

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