Friday, April 9, 2010

Preppy Ribbon at Target

Look at these super cute Ribbons I found in the dollar aisle of my local target? They also had notepads and notecards with whales and anchors! Super preppy for summer!

In the past while I've acquired quite a few new followers... a big preppy welcome to all of you, and if you haven't commented yet, please be sure to introduce yourselves!

This weekend I'll do the preppy monthly post share. If you don't know this is a newish feature where once a month I feature a post from your blogs. So browse your blog posts from March, pick your favorite one and I'll feature it on Completely Preppy! Go here to submit your post!


mFw said...

That ribbon is fabulous! I picked up some of the notecards, but I hadn't seen the ribbon!

I don't think I've commented before, I love your blog!

Also, I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog right now!

Misty said...

Love the ribbon!!!

Kate said...

Hi Elle! The polka dot salt pot on EA today is from Anthropologie - I LOVE it!

Ashley said...

The ribbon & cards are so cute! I can't wait until I can get to a Target next weekend, I will be sure to pick some up.

I haven't introduced myself, but I'm Ashley from Winnipeg, MB. No blog...yet! Just a website.

Manhattan Mommy said...

That ribbon is so cute! I'll have to see if my Target has it too. I'm your newest follower...check out my blog when you get a chance!

Trish said...

Hello my love! Great finds, gotta love Tarjay!

Now let's discuss this SATC phenomenon....I have to say that you need to be a part of this, it's never too late!

I have the perfect fix! You and the Preppy BF scoot yourselves over to our place, and we'll catch up on all of the old DVD's and SATC movie #1 with a SATC MARATHON on the 55" flat screen. Matt and PBF can hang by the pool, we'll get the boys to grill for us, and I'll make the cosmos!

Sound like fun? :) XOXO Happy weekend girlfriend!

Kate said...

I stocked up on the ribbon and notebooks :) My Target is all out now :(