Friday, April 2, 2010

Preppy (Or Not) Nail Polish Colors

Hello Lovelies,

Earlier this week I had the thought that I might paint my fingernails. I go through phases where my nails are painted ALL the time, and then I'll go weeks or even months sans polish. Then I'll fall in love with a polish and my nails will be painted again.

However, like most areas of my life (except maybe food) I'm usually a little late to the trend. I don't make a habit of reading fashion mags, or blogs. So, usually when I find a trendy design (or nail polish color) it's because someone I know wears something similar and I like it, or they flat out tell me about it and then I go try it. I know, I know SOOO unoriginal, but for heaven's sake a girl can't be good at everything can she? I think not. So for all of you lovely, first to arrive at the trend, darling, hip and fashionable readers what are some of the really great nail polish colors out right now?

I saw these darlings from the OPI Hong Kong collections and was almost tempted to purchase... but I had flashbacks of having brightly colored nails in the 8th grade, and thought I had better ask for a second opinion. So please do chime in and give me some resources if I'm way off base!

First off we have "A Good Man-darin is Hard to Find"

Then there is the lovely "Jade is the new black"

And finally "Suzi Says Feng Shui"

And just because I adore them so, I'll share with you my all time two favorite OPI colors:

First we have the bright, shiny and oh so cheery "Cha-Ching Cherry" - you can't see it from the photo, but in real life it has a striking blend of red and hot pink to it.

And the subtle, yet striking "You Don't Know Jacques"


cMe said...

I don't do trendy colors on my nails. IF mine are painted, they are Essie's High Maintenance (ha!) or Laura Mercier's Champagne Wishes. My toenails are usually that purple-black color from Chanel from a couple years ago. Or I'll use something really bright red or pink from the manicure place.

If you do one of those bright trendy colors (I like that red-pink color) I think you should just keep your nails really short, so it doesn't look weird.

Sara said...

Oh, I love the orange!

Misty said...

Oh...I love the last one! I must have that!!!