Monday, April 26, 2010

What Preppy Wore Day 1 and Post Share

Hello Lovelies,

So in case you aren't already absolutely tired of hearing me go on and on and on about it ad nauseum, I am moving to the San Francisco Bay Area to start medical school in only 11 short weeks. That's right folks only 11 weeks. One of those weeks I'll be in the Bay Area house hunting, which means I have only 10 weeks of work left!

I'm in the awkward phase of it being too far away to start tying up loose ends and packing away my life, but it being close enough that I feel like I should be doing something.  Maggie from Random Occurances blog, who also happens to be an in real life friend and co-worker, and I have come up with a fantastic challenge for my next 10 weeks at work. We have decided to see if I can go the next 10 weeks, or 50 work days without wearing the same thing outfit twice. We're going to be taking pictures to document each outfit and then after I wear each one I will be packing at least one part of it up for the big move.

The rules are that I can wear a blouse, skirt, or pair of pants more than one time, but not more than one time together. Dresses count as an entire outfit, so once I wear a dress once then I cannot wear it again.

We will be documenting each day's outfit in photo, and I will post each photo on the blog the following work day. The challenge started on Friday.... so here is my outfit for the What Preppy Wore Challenge Day 1! I know there are lots of bloggers who do something like this ever day, but in my experience most of them have closets full of designer goods... and I for the most part do not... so you'll find that a lot of my stuff comes from TJMaxx, Ross, Marshall's, Macy's... etc. One other thing to note... I work in a very, very casual office. There are only 9 of who work out of the office. Half of them are "the boys" our programmers who work from home about 65% of the time... leaving us girls to have the run of the office all to ourselves. When I say it's casual... I mean super casual.. as in my boss (the CEO) wears sweats about 80% of the time.

This sounds incredibly fun to me, and I am super excited... hopefully it doesn't bore ya'll to tears!

Outfit: Red Dress - by Max Studio purchased at TJ Maxx Christmas 2007, Black Ruffle Wedges - by Rue 21 purchased at Ross Winter 2009, Gold Necklace - by James Avery it has a medallion that spins, and when it spins you can read je t'aime. Excuse the lame face... Maggie and I just couldn't take ourselves seriously! Oh yeah... and my hair sucks... I got rained on that morning and I have two inches of roots showing... don't worry I'm getting it colored on Tuesday!

Also, please remember that we will be doing the Preppy Monthly Post share the first week of May, this is your opportunity to get featured on Completely Preppy. Did you accomplish something great this month? Did you write a wonderful post? Put together a gorgeous photo collage? Share a funny story? Learn something meaningful? What are you the most proud of from your blog for the month of April? Leave it as a comment on my blog with a link to the direct post, and you'll be featured as part of the preppy monthly post share!

Also, this super cute Lilly Pulitzer Alegra dress is on sale today at Rue La La for $99 (normally its $328). Click the Rue La La link on my left hand sidebar for an invitation if you don't already belong to the members only site... it's free to join.


Practically Perfect... said...

What a fun challenge! And cute dress (love the necklace, too)!

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

I bet you pull it off. Love the dress, looks adorable on you.
A doctor our little Elle?
Amazing, I had not yet caught this.
Calfornia girl too, can't wait to see everyday.
Tough row to hoe honey, but if I know one blogger who can do it it's you.
The bumpkin slipped you see it, tough row to hoe.
Mwah, great color on you, remember I said that!

mFw said...

Such a good idea! I was going through my closet the other day and realized I had stuff in there from winter that I had never worn. Love the dress - its so simple yet fun!

Scientific Housewife said...

Cute outfit! That is exciting that you are moving to San Francisco, I hear it's beautiful there.

My irises have been blooming for the last month or so but recently, I've been getting like 10 blooms a plant, which looks great :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE that dress! You are too cute.

I can't believe you are just 11 weeks away from med school! How awesome!

Anonymous said...

P.S. This is totally dorky, but I am telling you because you sound like you might appreciate it, given the challenge...

When I was in high school, I wrote down what I wore on my calendar each day, so I wouldn't wear anything twice in a month. But 50 days? That's definitely a challenge!

TheFamousStacie said...

Cute dress and Shoes! I'd last about 5 days in this challenge : ).

We had a nice vaca in San Fran a few months ago. Looks like a really fun place to live!

All of a sudden it will be time to go and you'll be like, huh?!

the NEO-traditionalist said...

So I am admittedly horribly out of the loop with all my favorite blogs these days, but I am SOOO excited you're moving to SF too! We'll have to get lunch sometime--what fun! You're going to love it. It's one of my favorite cities on earth and I'm so excited to be moving back. xoxoxo katie

Silver Strands said...

I LOVE your dress! You are adorable!

And thank you SO MUCH for your comment, I really appreciate it. You are a sweetie-pie!

Keri said...

Love this idea! Quote a challenge...

Cornflake said...

I LOVE your outfit, great choice!

Trish said...

You are gorgeous and wear that color so well! Forget me in yellow, hell, you pull off mango/orange better than I ever could! :)

Thinking of you little belle, know you have so much on your mind and heart. Plus I am a delinquent friend in responding to emails (SORRY!! Work is crazy and sick husbands suck the life out of me!)

Happy note? I tagged you for a super fun meme - it's easy and quick, you've got this in the bag missy!

XOXO Love you girly

Mags said...

I am happy to help you with your challenge! Let's come up with one for my Blog!