Thursday, April 1, 2010

Preppy Monthly Post Share

Hello Lovelies,

It's the beginning of a new month  last month we did our first Preppy Monthly Post Share, and it was a success albeit a small one, but still a success.

So, this month I'm asking you to repeat the process. What is the Preppy Monthly Post Share? Well it is your opportunity to share with us content from your blog that you are really proud of. As we all know blogging is a great hobby, but it can be time consuming to constantly come up with new and engaging content, and sometimes we put a lot of work into our posts. Because so many of you readers have such darling, creative, and touching blogs. I want you to use this time to look back on your blog for the past month and accept some recognition for the great job you do! I love finding new blogs by checking the comments and posts from some of my favorite blogs so use this as a way to increase your internet network.

How do you submit content for the Preppy Monthly Post Share? It's simple, leave a comment on this post, and in that comment leave a link to the post you want to share. Please don't leave me a link to your blog's main page, but a link to the actual post you want to share. 

I will then visit the post and take a screen shot or two, then early next week I will compile all of the submissions into a wonderful summary of what you my readers of created throughout the past month! 

So please don't be shy, don't talk yourself out of it, I promise each of you has charming, thought provoking, engaging posts to share... so send them my way, and lets celebrate all of the thought and work we put into our blogs!


cMe said...

I think this one's kind of hilarious. = )

I'm going to send you a facebook message in response to the marathon questions you sent me. My iPhone is a pain to type on and gmail is messed up on my computer.

Keri said...

Awww omg you are too sweet! Thank you! I am working on Dan...he promised we could go to San Francisco this summer, but I cannot get him to commit to (anything-jk) a date! I promise to figure this out soon and let you know. I think we would have a blast!!

My favorite post of the month would have to be this one: