Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Preppy Discusses Celebrity Fertility; What Preppy Wore Day 3

Hello Lovelies,

Do any of ya'll watch Giuliana and Bill on E!? I must admit, it's not a show I watch religiously but I will record a few episodes here and there to watch when the Preppy Boyfriend is traveling and I can't sleep (in case you didn't know I'm afraid of the dark... really I am... ridiculous yes... but I just can't help it).

However, recently I read an interview with Giuliana -- I wish I could remember where, I really need to start writing this stuff down -- she was talking about her fertility struggles. I really love how honest she is... she shared that she was frustrated after doing celebrity interviews for years and seeing all these celebrities in their late 30's and early 40's having kids and saying things like it was "easy" and "twins run in the family" when in reality they were having fertility treatments and just not talking about it. Hher doctor told her she needed to gain some weight to get pregnant so she did (7lbs). She mentioned several times that she always thought she could just have kids whenever she wanted... and that she didn't think 35 was that old, she talked about how she was completely taken by surprise when she and Bill ended up needing a fertility specialist to get pregnant. She and Bill are being very open about parts of the process on their show, so if you're interested be sure to record a few episodes... they replay constantly on E!

I really admire her honesty about the situation, but I also couldn't help but think "come on princess how do you not know how your body works?" I realize that I may be more medically inclined than the average woman (thus, the medical school admission), but seriously ladies... please, please learn how your body and your fertility works. It's bad enough that the men in my generation don't understand pregnancy and labor and delivery, we women have no excuse for being taken by surprise when it comes to the natural process of our bodies! With websites like google and webmd where you can ask any question and find any answer without embarrassment please do so, and remember that you can always, always ask your doctor anything. Trust me, even in my short clinical experience I have seen and heard and read so many things on patient charts that nothing takes me by surprise and no question seems stupid.

And just because I have to say it... I do think she is too thin, (I know it's none of my business), but for heaven's sake the girl posted her diet on her blog, and I'm telling you it is extremely restrictive... if you have to restrict yourself that much to 'maintain' your weight... then you're probably not at a healthy weight for your body type! The woman is stunning... but I know I've said it before, and I'll say it again, can we please, please, please get over this obsession with super skinniness in Hollywood... it is unhealthy, I mean if a woman has to gain weight to get pregnant (which by the way is a perfectly normal and natural process for a woman's body), then something is wrong! I'm also saying it because I am a relatively logical woman, with a body image based on scientific knowledge of what's healthy for me... and yet I still find myself needing to be reminded, that I don't need to be stick thin to be beautiful... I will never be stick thin.. and I hate it that every time I pic up a magazine, or turn on a tv, or watch a fashion show, or even drive down the interstate I am subtly reminded that a woman must be "thin, thin, thin" to be beautiful.. can't we please just start acknowledging that for most women to be a size 00 or 0 or even a 2 is actually much too thin! 

So, there's my soapbox for the day... 1) educate yourself about how your own body works 2) please surround yourself with resources that remind you of what a healthy body type is!

**I know Whoopi took a lot of flack for saying that if Giuliana wanted to get pregnant she needed to eat more when Giuliana was on the view... I do think that Whoopi's comment was out of line because it oversimplified the complex issues surrounding infertility... however, I also think it does need to be said that being too thin does in fact decrease your ability to get pregnant when you want... and gaining a few pounds back doesn't necessarily help. When your body doesn't get enough nutrients it starts to shut down non-vital functions, and for women one of the first things to get shut down for malnutrition is reproduction.

And since I know you've been waiting.... drum roll... What Preppy Wore Day 3

Boho Tunic Winter 2009 - I bought this from ( sells the same one, but Alloy offers more discounts like free shipping)
Leggings (these are full length but I fold them to capri) - Papaya outlet Fall 2009
Sandals Fall 2009 -Unlimited (I saw them first at a local boutique, and then a few months later found a pair on sale at Burlington Coat Factory)
Wide Brown Belt - Ebay Spring 2009
White and Gold Rose ring - Forever 21 Spring 2010
Gold Flower Clasp Cuff- Banana Republic Winter 2009

I love this tunic, it has great details, like the little jewels on the collar. The v-neck can go lower, but it has a little snap to keep it closed if you don't want the deep V. One of the things I've noticed the most taking pictures of myself everyday is that I have stupid hair... really I do... at least from the front. So I took a picture of the back of my hair to prove that at least from one angle it isn't stupid! :) I also got my hair colored and cut last night... so be prepared tomorrow for a brand new do (kind of)!


d.a.r. said...

supe cute belt!!

SogniSorrisi said...

Great outfit!

Hopefully they have luck with the treatments. I guess a lot of people assume they can have kids (and actually take measures to prevent getting pregnant for years) only to find out they can't when they start trying.

AEOT said...

Love the top!

I could go on and on about weight and infertility (wt in both directions to be honest) but I completely agree with everything you said above. I've had a few friends who have HAD to use infertility specialists due to their previous eating disorders (more so anorexia/restrictive eating than bulemia), and I've also had friends whose docs told them to gain about 10 lbs and then they conceived just fine. It's amazing to me that people are FREAKED out about gaining weight in order to get pregnant and would rather "just use clomid". Ummmmmm.....most people on fertility drugs gain at least 20 lbs if not more while trying. It's NOT worth it. Plus, it's not a healthy way to think about your body as a whole. I seriously could write about this for hours and hours. It's amazing what women do not know and that they are trying to attain a figure that is truly not suited for their body in the long run.

NONE of this is directed at those who live at a healthy weight, are healthy people, and still struggle to get pregnant. Obviously there are people who struggle for other reasons!

mFw said...

I love your tunic! Great post on Julianna. I am so not up to date on celebrity happenings it was interesting to read! Thanks for posting! I totally agree that while bring thin is good and healthy there is a line between to skinny. Hope you have a great day!

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

No E in Bumpkin Land, so I was clueless until you filled me in. Much too thin, she needs a sandwich. Stat. As for knowing our bodies, who needs WebMd, we will soon have ElleMD much better in my opinion. Love you hair in these pics, and the color of the tunic compliments it well. On a side note, I bought a pink wallet over the weekend, I am doomed.

TheFamousStacie said...

Love the ring, and great hair day!

Most skinny folks get a rude awakening when they get pregnant. If a lady whom weighs 150 at 5'4 may get pregnant and gain 10 lbs. The 5'4 girl at 110, will also get to 160!!

The body goes on pregnancy autopilot. For real. Your body doesn't care what YOU used to do to it. It only cares about taking care of that baby and it will pack every last calorie you intake right onto those hips to support that baby.

I'm a thin person when not-pregnant, but I'm a fatty fatso when pregnant. After 3 kids I feel like a balloon that's been inflated and deflated 3 times and is withered in the corner.

It's all worth it. My children give my life meaning : ).

Keri said...

I think your hair looks great! I like Guiliana as well but definitely think she is being a bit ignorant. At least she is being honest on what she is going through and will hopefully educate other women about the process as well.

From a medical standpoint, how much do you think her age is contributing to the problem? I know 35 is older as far as the ticking clock is concerned but I also did not think it was that old where it could be pose a problem. For most women anyway.

Silver Strands said...


GREAT post! And adorable outfit :)

Josh and Char said...

Love your posts and great info! I agree, more women should be up to par on their bodies and how things work. Not everyone was taught in school or by their parents (including me) so we need to take the initiative to learn! New follower, love the "What Preppy Wore.." posts. And a big thanks for intruducing the idea (first time I've heard it) of pre-scheduling posts!