Saturday, February 27, 2010

Surprise Party for the Preppy Sister

So... I have been releasing my last few posts as pre-scheduled posts... I hope they worked, if not you'll get all of this later.... but I'm away... You see I worked with the preppy mother and the preppy sister's boyfriend to plan a surprise birthday party for her. So the preppy boyfriend and I are off staying with his wonderful family this weekend celebrating.

Although, its not her actual birthday, and I'm not sure if she reads my blog.... Happy Surprise Birthday Sweet Girl. Love you lots!

*PS isn't she disgustingly beautiful - I mean in the best possible way, but seriously how gorgeous is this girl... it's simply not fair :)

J. Crew + Net-A-Porter = International Preppiness

Hello Lovelies,

Have you heard, I know there are a few of you readers on other continents.... That the ever bi-polar love of my preppy closet J.Crew is going international? J.Crew has entered into an agreement with UK and Canada based web site Net-A-Porter to wholesale a limited selection of J.Crew's wares to Net-A-Porter. Net-A-Porter will then ship them anywhere in the world.... Net-A-Porter is choosing which of J.Crew's wares to carry, and I must say I do hope that they select the prettiest and preppiest, and not the wildest (here's looking at you J.Crew Camo and J.Crew rolled sweat shorts). The wares will be featured on Net-A-Porter beginning in May 2010.

Friday, February 26, 2010

The Followers Dilemma

First off let me open this post by saying Hello, and a big huge welcome to my new followers. I don't know how it works for ya'll but I seem to get new followers in waves, and the past few weeks have brought several new followers my way!

By the way, how cute is this door mat by spoil your pets?

I'm always more than a little surprised that people want to read my random dribble. But I am so thankful that you do, because I have made so many wonderful blog-land friends! :)

So here's my dilemma, when I encounter a new blog one of the things that immediately puts me off is if they have a huge number of commenters or followers. I mean it seems like I encounter blogs with 100's of followers several times a week. 

And if I see that 39 people have already commented on a post, I'm less likely to do so, because I doubt that my comment will be read. I mean I know I wouldn't have time to sift through and reply to 39 comments on each of my posts. 

When I hosted my first giveaway last spring I fell into that blog popularity trap known as the "become a follower for an entry" clause. At first this seemed like a great way to generate new followers, but what I quickly realized was that I wasn't generating active followers I was generating people who wanted free stuff and might never, ever read or comment on another post. In subsequent giveaways I have left that clause out, and I won't start following someone's blog just for a giveaway. If I follow you, it's because I want to read what you have to say.... Anyway, I know that several of these blogs with zillions of followers have so many followers due to all their giveaways. All that to say that I really do believe you follow me, because you are interested in my dribble - although heaven only knows why :)

But what I'm wondering, is do other people feel the same? As the number of my followers grows are there people who feel disassociated with this little blog, because it's not as little as it used to be? This blog is almost a year and a half old... are there those of you who were here at the beginning who feel like you've been lost or forgotten, or that this little old blog has become something unrecognizable? Or am I the only quirky one who thinks about the ratio of followers and commenters to interaction? 

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Preppy Pink Ruffles at Target

Oooh La La look at what I found at (click the photo to be taken right to the website).

How pretty is this ruffle dress? I love the cut and the color, and the length... I hate the shoes they paired it with, but I must admit I keep "visiting" this little number on the website and sooner or later it may end up in my closet!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Belated Blog Awards!

Hello Readers,

I have been the lucky recipient of two new awards in the past few weeks, and thought I had better give a big huge thanks to the sweet Blue Eyed Runner for the Sunshine Award. You're supposed to send the sunshine award to someone who brightens your day, and honestly readers, I just couldn't pick. What brightens my day the most is the interaction I have with each of you on your blogs, as well as on this little blog. So if you haven't received this award yet, consider yourself tagged (I know it's kind of a cop out.... but none-the-less I truly do mean it)!

The ever southern and deliciously beachy Coastal Belle tagged me with the Happy 101 Award. In which I am supposed to list 10 things that make me happy and to try to do at least one of them today... and then I'm supposed to tag ten of you, so here goes:

1. Running.... I love it. When I'm out of shape I hate it for the first few weeks, but once I get to the point where I can easily run 3-5 miles I love. There is something so freeing about just hitting the road and hearing my own breathing and my footsteps (I don't run with my ipod, I know I'm a freak, but I posted the reason why on this post). I also love the energy I get after a run, and the sense of accomplishment, and the simplicity. I don't need a machine, or weights, or to even go anywhere, I don't have to feel uncomfortable, or compare myself, I just put on my shoes and head out the door. 

2. Love interacting with my sweet dog Victoria Anne (Tori, or Muffy for short). Tori is a fox terrier mix and is 35lbs, but she holds her own against my boyfriend's 75 lb boxers. Tori thinks she's a big dog, and I am her whole world. She lights up to see me, she follows me everywhere, she is smart, and playful, and obedient, and is always up for a good run. She knows me so well that she can tell if I'm mad, or sad, or upset or excited without my ever having to say anything, and she is so good at it, that my boyfriend has learned that if Tori is stalking around the house behind me with her ears laid back, I must be upset about something, even if I am acting like I am not. 

3. I love having conversations about my faith and what I'm learning with friends and family. I try not to shove my beliefs down anyone's throat, and I'm not actively involved in a Bible study group. So I do a lot of my growing and learning on my own. Thus, I'm always eager and excited to talk about my Jesus and what He's doing in my life with anyone who wants to know.

4. I love family dinners. I grew up in a household where the only time we ate as a family was on major holidays. So I love it when PBF and I sit down at the table to dinner, or when we go to visit his family and his sister and grandad come over for dinner. It's just so grounding and solid and nice to sit and eat and visit with family. 

P.S. isn't the preppy family disgustingly good looking? I feel out of place there in the back row with all those gorgeous people... who let the homely girl in? This was on our vacation in Mexico...

5. Gardening... I love to plant flowers and vegetables and to watch them grow. It makes me feel like I am making the earth greener, and prettier. Nothing tastes better than a tomato from your own garden!

6. Driving... not like commuting to work, but loading up the car and heading to another town for lunch, or driving to visit friends and family in another city. I love having a full tank of gas, and all day to just drive and get where I'm going. 

7. Achieving a goal... any kind of goal, whether it be personal or professional, physical or emotional, complex or simple. Something about telling myself I want to do something, and then going out and doing it, makes me feel like all in the world is as it should be, and it makes me feel like I'm on the right course with my life. 

8. Reading Research... I know super lame. But I am always so intrigued by how things work, or why we do things, and the correlations and relationships between actions, or results with other actions and results.  I am super thrilled to be a doctor, but if I ever thought for one minute that I could have a paying career doing research I absolutely would. I did my Senior Thesis in college on the effect of living in a dry country (meaning no alcohol served or sold in the country) on the rates of heavy drinking as compared to those living within a wet county. I loved every minute of it (and if you want to know, there is a higher incidence rate of heavy drinking in dry counties than wet counties, at least in Arkansas, using the parameters of heavy drinking set by the CDC). 

9. Giving... I have been in a position where I didn't have an extra penny to give to someone in need, or where I couldn't give great gifts to people... so it's been fun as my finances have grown to be able to give and share. It's actually one of the things I'm the saddest about having to give up/cut back on in medical school.

10. Getting my hair done. I love to change the color, and to some extent the cut, although I've been growing it out for quite a while now so my cut hasn't really changed all that much. I just love having a professional color done... I always feel so fresh and new, and although I only do it once or twice a year (the rest of the time I box it at home... never looks as good but gets me through to the next salon job)... I am always so thrilled to get it done!

Sorry, my ramblings turned out pretty long! I tag the following people:

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Preppy Battle

A battle has just raged at our house, and at the prompt conclusion I said, "that's it I'm blogging about this." Surely readers, you're on my side, right?

The battle was waged over Sour Patch Kids... that's right Sour Patch Kids, but not just any Sour Patch Kids... the red Sour Patch Kids. It is well known that red Sour Patch Kids taste the best, and there are the least amount of red ones in the package. The PBF has long accused me of picking all the red ones out of the package, and although I occasionally look into the bag and see a red one and snatch it up, in general I just have better luck at getting the red ones. 

Last night, sitting at the kitchen table noshing on some SPK's that the PBF brought home for me, I reach my hand into the bag, and pull out two green ones. With a smile on my face, a wink at PBF (and b/c the PBF was teasing me about picking out all the red ones), I put the green ones back in the bag, shake the bag up, pick a new one and voila its RED! 

PBF immediately starts teasing me, then he comes over steals the bag, dashes to the pantry and grabs four plastic sandwich bags. With his back turned to me he color separates the SPK's, but mysteriously in the process the red one's ALL disappear. I immediately pat him down, check the fridge the cabinets, but there are no red ones to be found.  PBF claims he ate them all, and it was the first time in 4 and a half years that he has been able to eat more than one red SPK. There I am a puddle of despair, with only orange, yellow, and green sour patch kids to nosh.

I claim serious snacking foul, but the PBF says I had it coming... what do you say dear reader :)

*The missing red SPK's did eventually turn up, apparently they were in the sugar canister.

Envy Robs Us Of....

Hello readers,

A few days ago I shared that for lent I was trying to highlight and give up the sources of envy in my life, so that I might become a more complete person.

Well, I was struck by a lesson while watching a history channel show about the 24 hours surrounding JFK's assassination. I don't normally watch the history channel, but am always intrigued by the Kennedy's, and this particular documentary did a great job of threading together rarely seen photographs (for example: photos of Jackie in the pink suit following the coffin onto airforce one), with recordings of secret service members, staff members, and even Lady Bird Johnson telling their recollections of the day. It was laid out as a timeline, and threaded together with very interesting commentary by some leading historians. I know, I know, pretty lame, but if you have any interest in the Kennedy administration you might like the documentary. I can't remember what it was called, but I bet it will replay in the next week or so.

So you may or may not know that JFK's brother RFK (who was at the time the Attorney General) and JFK's Vice President LBJ really did not like each other, and in those first few hours and even days after the assassination, LBJ in his own words said, "I was afraid that he (RFK) would not let me be the president. As though he were thinking of ways to keep me out of the office."

That in and of itself was striking to me. LBJ had a constitutional right to become the president, and every American citizen immediately accepted that he was our new president upon learning of the assassination. Yet, LBJ's envy of RFK and his role within the Kennedy administration, led to a great insecurity on his part. LBJ was entitled to become the president, and yet doubted even that because envy, had led to insecurity.

There is your history lesson for the day readers... and you're moral lesson.... envy robs us of the ability to accept our rightful place, and our rightful inheritance. It places in us a nagging sort of self-doubt, and because of this we second guess our self worth. I always think it's amazing how when God starts moving in your life, how you see applicable lessons every where, even in places you might not look.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Preppy Budget Fail

Since the new year I've been using the website to manage my budget and personal finances. Mint makes budgeting fun and easy. Their interactive charts and graphs motivate me to keep my budget under control, and since the website links to all of my loan accounts, credit card accounts, and bank accounts I can track my networth and spending without having to type in every single item.

Here's my challenge however, this month and next month are heavy birthday months around here. And birthday's mean traveling and events. When I planned my budget, I did include an amount for birthdays, it's a tight budget, and I was thinking it would work for one individual, but when I come to months like this I realize that there is more than one person who has a birthday. And that the related expenses of travel, and eating out, around birthdays aren't in my budget. 

I'm sort of feeling a big budget failure. And it stinks, because the only area in my budget that can give to accommodate this extra spending is my savings for the big move for medical school. It's discouraging to feel like I can't even stick to a simple budget, but it's also discouraging to feel like I can't give generously to those around me. I'm trying to do some re-evaluation around how much I know I'll need for the big move. I know several of my readers have made some big moves recently and I was hoping you could share with me approximately how much money you ended up needing. Luckily the preppy boyfriend and I are moving together which means splitting expenses. But he tends to put it on credit cards and pay it back later, and I'd rather save up for it now and have the money cash in hand. We're planning on renting a home or townhouse not an apartment (apartment living with three dogs is just too challenging for us). So readers, any helpful feedback in planning for my big move?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Preppy Envy and Preparing for Lent

As cute and catchy as the title "Preppy Envy" sounds, I'm about to let you all in on my own "little bit of crazy" and an area of my life that I really struggle with. Phew... here goes... I don't want to talk about this, but occasionally on this very blog there a moments where I must simply pour out my true heart. Not the fun lighthearted easy going preppyness that this blog normally tries to grasp, but the honest to goodness heart felt challenges that I struggle with because I am an imperfect person living in a broken world, and if there is any good in me, any beauty, any intelligence, any value it is by the very Grace of God. 

I struggle with envy. I don't envy everyone and everything. I envy one specific person, and that to a great extent. When I first started writing this post I began to list all of the things I envy about her, and lets just say the list was too long to read. Suffice it to say that when it comes to looks, family, financial stability, relationship, and home... she's got it all, like a martha stewart who looks like Crown Princess Mary of Denmark.

Yesterday after reading a brief article about it, I really became convicted of the envy in my life. Not just that I envy others, but that I want others to envy me. Which is very twisted when you think of it. I mean if I know how heart breaking, and empty, and hollow it feels to envy someone, why on earth would I want anyone else to feel that way because of me? I think I need to take this more seriously in my life, I mean it was envy that led to the crucifixion of Christ "For Pilate knew it was out of envy that they handed Jesus over to him." Matthew 27:18", so what a better time to focus on letting God grow me past this?  I read some interesting resources yesterday that were talking about how when we envy, we do so because we long for the blessing that God has given to someone else. I think for women in our culture it's hard, we're almost groomed to envy, to want someone else's figure, or hair, or clothes, or home life, or work life. It's almost like envy is part of our currency with one another. I also read a resource that was talking about how when we envy we compare each other to one another, instead of comparing ourselves to Christ. When I compare myself to Christ I realize that I will always fall sort, and I rely on Grace to cover my shame. But when I compare myself to someone else, I can create a false sense of hierarchy or security (I'm smarter than she is so I'll be more successful. Or I'm prettier than she is so I'll be happier in my relationships.) When I analyze these statements for what they are I realize how shallow and empty they are, but when I just let them linger in the dark of my sinful nature, I quickly believe that they are true and then I question my own worth, because there is always someone smarter or someone prettier or someone more successful. 

So for Lent, I'm hoping to get over envy. I'm not sure exactly what that will look like in my life, but I do know that it starts with being aware of when I am envying someone. I know that an important part of giving something up for Lent, is giving up something that isn't sinful, so I know envy in itself doesn't quite qualify. However, there are actions that I take that are on the outside harmless (shopping for clothes for an upcoming trip) but on the inside are wicked because they are aimed at inducing envy... so it will be those envy inducers that I will give up, and hopefully I will be able to name them as I find them. 

 I know what envy is keeping me from. It's keeping me from genuinely rejoicing when people close to me have wonderful things happen for them. For example take the US snow cross team, and reigning gold medalist Seth Wescott takes the gold again this year. His team mate Graham Watanabe, wasn't even in consideration for a medal. Seth comes across the finish line after winning, and he's all smiles and celebration, and then here comes Grant leaping over the barricade, jumping on Seth's back, grinning bigger and more excited than Seth, just bubbling over saying "You did it man, you did it." In all honesty were that me, I don't know that I could have even watched the finals. I would be green and sick to my stomach with envy. In that situation I want to be Graham, I want to be the person who is more excited than you are to see you succeed in life. I don't want to be me, someone who would probably have booked the earliest flight home, or at very least played sick so I could watch the finals all alone in my room. I've looked all over for a picture of Graham hugging on Seth, and can't find it anywhere, apparently I'm the only one who found that a poignant moment in sports... if anyone knows what I'm talking about and where to find a photo of it please let me know!

Live coverage -Plane crashes into Austin building

This morning at about 10:00 am (30 min after I drove right by this building) a small plane crashed into a 7 story Austin office building. The building is near the FBI field office in Austin, but authorities are saying they don't suspect terrorism. They are unsure if the plane was commercial or private. This building is 5 blocks from my house, seriously 5 blocks. I drive by it everyday at least twice.

Here is a link to the MSNBC live coverage of the event

Curiously enough, Austin has not shut down it's airspace, which means planes are still flying into and out of the city... needless to say, we on the 27th floor, in downtown are a little freaked out about planes flying around outside our window... and we are more than a little freaked out about the commute home tonight (as that requires our driving less than 20feet from the affected building). So far it looks as though everyone but two people in the building have been accounted for, no word yet on who was in the plane.

*Update the plane was flown out of Waco, and eye witness are saying that the plane looked very controlled and as though it were flying at full speed into the building.

*Update smoke was visible from my office window 12 miles away. The fire seems to be out now. Eye witnesses are saying that the plane looked very in control, an IRS official in a nearby building said the plane actually seemed to veer downward as it collided with the building.

*The pilot of this plane set his home on fire before he left MSNBC is saying the plane left Georgetown not Waco. Homeland security is investigating as it combined with the house fire this accident is starting to look intentional. It was a single engine plane.

*Window cleaning crews were using their ladders to pull people from the building immediately after the impact.

*The pilot's wife and daughter were in the home when he set fire to it a neighbor rescued them from the fire

*Only two injuries from within the building, one person unaccounted for. There is no confirmation as to how many people could be on board plane. The plane could hold up to four people.

*I believe Austin has shut down it's airspace and their are now airforce and army helicopters and planes circling over the city

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

JCrew Completely Preppy or Not So Much?

Oh J.Crew, I love you, truly I do... but darling, honestly... you're so hit and miss. Completely unreliable, and I'm not quite sure if there is another love in my life who can so completely get it right, while simultaneously be so diametrically opposite of preppy. These un-preppy looks of yours J.Crew, make me want to hide my head in the sand for the next roll out...

Recent examples:

J.Crew Jelly Shoes ("Rainy Day Ballet Flats") - what is wrong with a good ole pair of wellies?

These remind me of the shoes Smurfette wore.

J. Crew Camo? Even with a pretty name like "Blossom" the pattern still looks like something one would wear on "America's Greatest Deer Hunters."

And perhaps the grossest offense yet, Really J.Crew rolled up sweat shorts? Paired with a ruffle vest, REALLY? I'm pretty sure you can name them whatever you want, they are still rolled up sweat shorts. And for heavens sake, run a comb through that poor girls hair... 

I am now stepping off of my soap box, but please, J.Crew, darling, can we at least return to the era where we pretended to be preppy?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Olympic Fever... Graham Wanatabe Jumps on Stability Ball

Apparently, taking stability ball training to new extremes is a key part of the Olympic preparation for our winter Olympic athletes. Earlier this month I did a post on Julia Marcuso doing squats on the stability ball.

I don't know how many of you have been watching the Olympic's but during last night's Snowboard Cross Trials NBC aired a brief segment of Graham Watanabe training with a stability ball. The key part of this training was Graham jumping from a mini trampoline onto a stability ball and sticking the landing.... ARE YOU KIDDING ME? 

Here is a link to watch the video on NBC's Olympic Coverage website.

Preppy Working...Preppy Job Demo

Hello Readers,

I posted a brief post last week mentioning that I might lose my job. Fortunately, I did not. Although, what that means is that I am still working in a chaotic environment. I'm relatively certain that my company is going to keep me employed until I leave for the start of medical school in July, however, I also know that they aren't planning on replacing my when I leave. Which creates a certain amount of uncertainty for me while I'm here. Lets hope things don't get so dire that they decide to let me go in the next 21 and a half weeks. We're aiming for my last day of work to be July 16th, 2010. School will start August 2nd, but I'm not yet sure if that's when classes start or when Orientation starts. Thus, moving day will likely fall on July 18th.

When I thought I might lose my job I immediately started looking for other jobs and one of the fun things that I came across was the opportunity to be a tutor. I've never considered myself to be extraordinarily smart, but I enjoy learning so even when school was challenging it was still fun for me. However, just mention the phrase "Starting Medical School," and suddenly you would think I was a member of Mensa. Anyway, I've been asked to do an interview for a tutoring company that teaches you how to tutor, and how to teach test prep. The plus side of this company is that they have several branches in the Bay Area where I'll be moving this summer. So, theoretically if all goes well, I might be able to tutor a few hours a week while I'm in medical school. Doing just a few tutoring sessions each week will provide me with enough extra money to still have some discretionary spending money while in school, and also allow me to make extra payments on my car.

Here's my challenge, I have to do a 2-3 minute demonstration via Skype as part of my second interview. The key part there is via Skype. That means the interview is via webcam, and my webcam only picks me up from the shoulders up. Whatever demo I do needs to be centered from the shoulders up. I was thinking about doing a demo on how to put a swim cap on, because I used to coach a little kids swim team and that's one of the first things you teach the little swim team kids. For those of you who aren't swimmers, putting on your cap the right way, and the same way every time affects how much drag you have in the water, and it also affects how your goggles fit, thus reducing the likelihood that your googles will fall off or leak when you dive in the water. 

Does anybody have any fun ideas for a short demo?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Lilly Pulitzer Sale Today at Rue La La

Hello Readers,

This is just a quick note to let you know that Lilly Pulitzer is doing a sale today at Rue La La.... the sale just started so be sure to hurry over! If you aren't a Rue La La member you can sign up by clicking on the Rue La La picture on my right hand sidebar.

Happy Shopping!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Big Star Vintage Liv Jean - Buckle

Hello Readers,

I have a random, yet fun shopping question. A few months ago I popped into my local Buckle store and did a jeans fitting. I have to say Buckle sort of overwhelms me, it's a bad combination of jeans at boutique prices but in a mall setting, and $50 graphic tees. So, typically I avoid Buckle. 

However, this particular day I walked in, and the sales associate was so friendly and so helpful that before I knew it I was in the dressing room trying on half a dozen pair of jeans, three pairs of shoes, and several shirts. I'm telling you this girl was MADE to be a salesperson. Anyway, that day I turned down the jeans... they were just at the top of my price range, and walked out with some super great shoes.

Since then I have been stalking the website and the store periodically "visiting" my friends, and low and behold what do I see this morning but the jeans are on sale (at least online, I haven't called the store to check yet). Not a huge sale, but enough that I'm considering the purchase. So... here's my question readers. The fit of these jeans is amazing, they make me look super thin and like my legs go for miles, and my normally flat bottom looks perky in these. But they are whisker wash. And I just don't feel like I see a lot of whisker wash anymore. Because of the price I want to make sure that these jeans are a style that I can be sure to get my wear out of. So this is the question for you fashion saavy ladies and gentlemen, is the wash on these jeans still fashionable? Would you buy them for $100?

I Heart Kelly Ripa

I might have mentioned this before, but I heart Kelly Ripa. I think she is just sooo cute! I love her style, and love it that you see her dressed like a normal mom doing, normal things like picking her kids up from school!

 I love her funny quirky personality, and how she rarely mentions her husband without also mentioning how much she loves him and how lucky she is to have met him. In this day and age when so much of our humor is based on putting down or mocking our spouse, or even being put out with our significant other, I love it that she still finds the humor in marriage while also openly and honestly cherishing her husband.

Anyway, you know that when I saw an interview with her about Valentine's Day and the a current charity event she's involved in I sat down to watch it. The interview is just so cute and so fun, you can watch it at Pop Eater.

How cute is Kelly in this patterned dress on the Rachel Ray show (All you internet saavy fashion researchers, does anyone know who makes this dress?). I am not a Rachel Ray fan, but you can bet I'll be TIVOing this episode which airs today!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Alexander McQueen has committed suicide

Readers this is a sad day for the fashion industry. Fashion giant, and one of my personal favorite designers Alexander McQueen has committed suicide. McQueen age 40, was found hanging in his London flat this morning. McQueen's mother died last week and McQueen was racked by grief over the loss.

The fashion world will forever morn the loss of his genius, and ability to create stunning shows based on design genius, technology and the appeal of performance.

Here are some of McQueen's stunning and most talked about designs:

And this piece is my all time favorite Alexander McQueen design (it is from the Paris shows last spring)

Such a sad and tragic loss!

Lululemon Blog Answers Preppy Questions

Hello readers,

Although I'd like to say for 100% certain that this is what happened, I can't prove it... However, here is my version of the story:

Last week I was reading the Lululemon blog (Lululemon is an exercise and workout clothing company that makes fantastic items, and they manufacture and develop all of their own fabrics. Thus, the items you get at Lululemon are unique. They make everybody look good. Their workout clothes are designed for comfort and cuteness!)... anyway... last week I was reading the Lululemon blog, and one of the writer's of the blog said to ask any Lululemon questions. Well as you all know I am running my first half marathon next month, so I promptly asked what one should wear for a half marathon. I included a question about sports bras because I'm a little busty so a sports bra is one of the most important parts of any workout for me.

I can't swear that they wrote this post just to answer my question... but I'm 90% sure that's the case! What fun!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Okay, so here's another post that might just be way too far into my personal life... but I'm going to share anyway... there is a chance that I might be laid off tomorrow... so send lots and lots of positive "keep this job until you leave for medical school in July and have built up your savings for the big move to San Francisco" thoughts my way... mmmkay... thanks lovelies!

Victoria Beckham Dresses Down for Glamour

It's no secret that I'm a big Victoria Beckham fan, well at least I'm a fan of the way she dresses. However, I often feel like her style is impossible for the average woman. I mean honestly who has the time or ability to dress in sky high heels and super fitted sheath dresses while chasing after a career and kids, and maintaining a home. Her style while very polished, is most certainly not effortless.

Thus, I must admit I was thrilled to see her in a magazine shoot (with her clothes on... seems like it's been a while since she's been fully dressed) and dressed down.  Glamour is not one of my go to glossy's, but if you take a few minutes to drop by their site, read the snippits of her interview and see the fantastic photos, I think you'll find yourself running out to the magazine stand to buy a copy.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Getting Ready at 8:30PM?

This is something I've always wondered about... I grew up in sports, spending many a summer day practicing, and everyday after school either at cheer practice, swim practice, or track practice. All that to say, I have spent lots of time in locker rooms. 

However, there is some locker room behavior of adult women that I don't understand. It's 8:30 on a Monday night, and you bring your full make-up bag, your blow dyer, your curling iron, and your two straighteners to the gym. It is 8:30PM on a MONDAY... I can understand getting ready at the gym in the morning or the afternoon (although I tend to prefer getting ready at home when possible). But why on earth must you fix your hair and makeup at 8:30 at night? I can understand the random women who maybe work the third shift, or who are going out to dinner or something... but there are lots of women at my gym that do this ALL the time.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm a fixey girl. I don't like to leave the house without makeup and my hair done. I hate to wear jeans. I only wear my running shoes to run. But at 8:30 on a Monday night, I'm going to go home, take a shower, eat a snack, and by then it's 9:15 and I'm going to watch one show, play with my puppies, maybe read a while and then hopefully be in bed by 11:00PM. So what on earth is the point in doing my hair and makeup, all over again?

One of my favorite blogs Marley and Lockyer, is hosting a giveaway... How gorgeous is this pillow cover? Drop by and enter when you get the chance. And be sure to check my preppy giveaways widget on my sidebar periodically to see what other great giveaways are happening around blog land!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Grace and My Bad Attitude

CS Lewis once said that the thing that most clearly separates Christianity from other world religions is the concept of Grace. That the Creator loves me, longs to forgive me, and has broken down every barrier to allow me to have a relationship with Him, even though I am sin-filled, jealous, petty and broken. That nothing I can ever do will be good enough to earn His forgiveness, so all He asks is that I simply look towards Him as the source of all that is good in my life.

Thank you Lord for this beautiful grace!

I'm talking about grace today, because our message on Sunday was all about grace (if you're interested you can go here to listen to it, it's only 31 minutes long, the recording starts late, so you don't hear them read John 3:16, but that's the simple truth that the pastor is talking about at the beginning.

Anyway, the message on Sunday brought a new truth and a new growth into my life. You see I have so much on the horizon, that I've really started to resent my job. It's a mindless job, in a corporate environment, doing something that I'm not really passionate about. Does what I do make a difference, yes. We teach people to appreciate those that work under them, we teach them to make changes not with force, but with encouragement and gratitude. But a large part of that difference is to make more money for corporations that are already insanely wealthy. Corporations that I believe are playing a huge role in the obesity of our nation, a huge roll in the degradation of food quality in America, and an even larger role in the negative influence of Western culture around the world, and the homogenization of American suburbs.

So as each new day rolls along I feel my soul being sucked out slowly (alright that might be a little melodramatic). I'm also struggling with a co-worker. Something about the way we communicate just rubs me the wrong way and I find myself constantly looking for the hidden insult behind her words. I don't know that she's always trying to insult me, but I do know that I'm always looking for it.

With medical school approaching, I have dreaded coming to work each day. I have woken up and reminded myself that God put me here for a reason, and that until my time in this office is over then I have a purpose here... I might not see it, but I have a purpose. I have prayed and asked the Lord to show me His purpose here. And everyday as the alarm goes off and I lie there dreading the start of another day, I ask God to give me just a little bit of grace. The honest truth is that none of this has made work the past few weeks any better...

That is until Sunday, somehow hearing about the beauty of God's grace, and juxtaposing that with my stinky attitude about work lately, has brought me full circle. Do I love my job, no. But I was able to come into work this morning feeling slightly more positive, as a result of my confessing my bad attitude to the Lord. When I stopped focusing on how much I hated being here, and just started focusing on what I was doing... then my head cleared and I actually had some great ideas for a project I was stumped on.

I still don't know what God has planned for my next 23 or 24 weeks here. But what I do know is that my attitude is what will determine how quickly or slowly they pass by. And because of that I'm thankful for grace, left to my own devices my attitude would almost always stink!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

One Kings Lane + Lilly Pulitzer Paper

Hello Readers,

This is a brief post for those of you who love Lilly Pulitzer and who love paper products. Next Friday One Kings Lane will be selling Lilly paper products. If you are not already a member shoot me an email at and I will send you an invitation...

For those of you who don't know One Kings Lane is a members only discount shopping site similar to Rue La La (which you can join by clicking on the Rue La La widget on my sidebar).

Closure - and Yes I am THIS Shallow

Warning this is an extremely cheesy and shallow post about first love... I'm allowing it because it is quickly nearing Valentines Day, and because as shallow as this post may be it really marks a milestone for me.

Without boring you with the details lets just suffice it to say, that my relationship with my first love started in high school and ended when I was in college. Although, we were at different schools and had been casually seeing other people, I had always thought we would end up back together when the time was right, he was four years older than me and I had ALOT of growing up to do. So, it was a complete surprise to me when he met a girl in July, didn't want to see me when I was home for a visit in August and then married said girl in the fall of that same year. Mr. First Love and I had one face to face brief heartbreaking moment where he said it's over and I cried, he gave me a hug and as I looked over his shoulders Ms. New Love was coming into the room, also crying. It was very soap opera-ish. In this moment I had been driving for 18 hours to get there, was of course worn out and tired looking and sans make up from the drive, I was of course wearing comfy casual clothes, and I had been crying for about an hour by the time I got to his house (where is a good "see you in Hell look" a la the ettiquette grrls when you need one?). So, in my mind, in that last moment I'm a hot mess, and in walks this tall, gorgeous blonde girl, who incidentally also wants to be a Dr, so she must be brilliant as well right? 

Although, I have moved on in many ways from this relationship. There's always been a little nagging at the back of my subconscious, the question of what might have been, and who was this girl who swooped in and although she didn't steal my man, she certainly brought an end to a relationship that I was sure would one day end in marriage.

I had not so much as even seen a picture of this girl from that day 6 years ago until today. Today, while browsing a completely unrelated friends new photo album, I clicked on a picture, that led me to click on a picture, that led me to click on a picture -and this is why you must stringently set your Facebook settings so that only you're friends can see your photos, I mean seriously there are creepy people like me everywhere :) -, that led me to a photo album that had pictures of Mr. First Love and the now Mrs. New Love (I'm really, really tempted to post those pictures). She is average looking. She is most definitely not this tall gorgeous blonde thing I remembered her to be. Actually, (and I mean this in a very  nice way, although it might sound snarky) in the looks department the two of them are rather a good match. She's approx. two inches taller than me, with a slightly smaller frame (but that means smaller assets too), and she has a very strong pointy jaw, and a gap in her front teeth. I'm 90% sure she never went on to medical school - so ha, eat those cookies Ms. New Love, I will be a doctor and you, well who knows what you do, but I will be a doctor :) And he, well lets just say he's filled out some. Certainly not a huge amount, but I am quite happy to say that I remain within 5 pounds of my high school weight, in the grand scheme of things does this matter? Absolutely not, but when talking about unrequited love and first love lost, it absolutely does matter... okay maybe not, but it makes me feel better.

Somehow knowing that the end of our relationship came about because of an average looking person, makes me feel better. Instead of being tossed aside and upgraded for a shinier model, it seems as though there were deeper levels of attraction present. Which, was probably obvious to everyone else, but to me, it felt like all he was interested in was her being taller, prettier, and blonder than me. So there you have it, 6 years later I do still occasionally pine away for my first love, but I am now for the first time actually able to be happy that he found "the one" without even a tingling of jealousy.

 I feel I must also include this caveat. I am so thankful for the Preppy Boy Friend (PBF). He and I are compatible in a million and one ways. He is intelligent, and handsome, and funny, and charming, and I love his family. We have been together for four years. Through major life changes, moves, job changes, illnesses, financial changes, family deaths... and we are constantly working on improving our relationship. The reality is that 16 year old me would have hated 16 year old preppy boyfriend, and in much the same way 26 year old me, might very well have nothing in common with 30 year old Mr. First Love (that's right readers he was an older man). So, while I might occasionally wonder what might have been... I am very happy, and excited with where I am right now!

Julia Mancuso Doing Squats on a Balance Ball

Julia Mancuso is amazing... 

and honestly...Doing Squats on a balance ball... Ahmazing... and when do I get to try?

Thanks FBG's for first linking to the video!

I am so ready to watch the Winter Olympics!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I love/hate technology - Polar S625X and Map My Run

I have a love hate relationship with technology, especially when it comes to fitness. I have been known to stop in the middle of a workout or run and leave the gym or walk home if my ipod dies. That's actually why I quit running with my ipod, b/c it is so frustrating to rely on the music for distraction and get to the third or fourth mile of a long run where you are fatigued and crabby and you just want to be done, and then.... the music dies. Uggghh... it frustrates me even now to think about it. So I stopped running with my ipod, but I will never stop running with my Polar S625X running computer and foot pod.

The running computer is actually a watch with a heart rate monitor that you wear around your chest, the foot pod is this light weight egg shaped thing that you strap to your shoe and it tracks your distance and your ascension. It is so light weight if you were to blind fold me, put it on my shoe and not tell me which one I would never know which shoe it was on. It tracks everything about a run. Your fastest and average speed, the temperature, your highest and average heart rate, your miles, your pace, the change in altitude, you can track how fast you run each mile of a multiple mile run, it tracks your calories burned, the distance that you run. It will tell you your average and max speed and heart rate per mile and overall for the whole run. And so, so much more. I love it, it's made me a smarter runner. And if you go to Lifetime Fitness the great thing about the Polar Heart Rate monitors is they automatically sync with any of the equipment at the gym. If I'm on the stair climber wearing my heart rate monitor, then the display actually shows me the results from my heart rate monitor. This is not a paid advertisement, I bought the heart rate monitor last year with my very own hard earned dollars.

I have had the S625X for over a year and never had a problem, until last night... three-ish miles into a four mile run the foot pod battery dies, I hear the beep indicating the battery is dying but am so focused on my run that it doesn't register. I included three fairly large hills on my run, and I'm still ahead of pace. I'm so proud of myself, b/c it looks like even with the three big hills I'm going to run my 4 miles in about a 10 min/mile ave. pace... so I look down it says that I've run four miles and I'm not quite done with my route... I used the mapmyrun website to measure my run before I hit the road (FYI the website is about 95% accurate) and it said that my route was 4.29 miles. I decide since I held such a good pace and I was only supposed to do 4 miles today, and I've hit 4 miles, I'm going to cut my route short and head home. I turn on a street that's about .3 miles from my house. Halfway down the street the polar says I've gone .6 miles... suddenly it hits me, something is very wrong. I stop to check the foot pod, sure enough the battery is dead. A wave of disappointment washes over me, that means that I have no idea how far I've run or how fast I did each mile in. As soon as I get to the house I map the shortened route on the mapmyrun website, and sure enough... I only ran 3.8 miles... and here's the kicker  I ran it in 44 minutes and 50 seconds. Which puts me at a 12 min 20 second pace... uggghhh... discouragement all around. But, and this is a big BUT, I did run without walking for 44.50, which is a big improvement over the last few weeks. Albeit, it was slow, oh so very slow running, but I think had my foot pod been tracking my distance accurately I might have pushed a little harder, because I was saying slow down, slow down you're aiming for b/t a 10 and 11 min mile pace, don't over do it.... Don't get me wrong the hills, and especially the 200 meter hill at the end of mile 2 KILLED ME... but overall I'm proud of myself, and really do think I can do better. Which makes me want to head out today and prove it!