Friday, April 9, 2010

Preppy Monthly Post Share

Hello Lovelies,

It's time for the Preppy Monthly Post Share...

This months submissions both come from runners, and both come from bloggers that I am thrilled to call friends!

Our first post "Maybe I'm Not So Medium Maintenance" is offered up by CME, from Fun With The Super Munns (with whom I ran the Zooma Half Marathon... seriously, let me say it again without CME I may not have finished that race) This post will surely make you smile!
 ~My favorite line from this post is "I practiced saying my new drink over and over in my head until it was my turn to order, just because the order is so long. Does anyone else do that?"

~What do you think lovelies... do you have to practice your Starbucks order before you say it loud? Is your order really complicated? My bosses order is so complicated that the Baristas at the Starbucks across the street from my office call the order by her first name, so literally you go in and order and they say, "Oh, you want the Melanie*." 

The second post "All Time Worst Races" is offered by my own personal running expert Keri over at The Blue Eyed Runner... drop by your blog and she'll be your running expert too. I love this girl I really do. She is a fast and well educated runner, yet she's not snooty or full of herself. She always takes the time to answer my beginning runner questions... even very personal ones... and most of all she's a little ball of encouragement!

I love how she starts this post, it's just such a great example of her humor and her humility. "So ever since I got my garmin, I've been blogging all about my recent workout times. And on the side bar of this blog I proudly display my race PR times. Enough bragging already, right?!" Be sure to drop by and see her worst race times for yourself!

As we progress through April, be sure to keep the preppy monthly post share in mind, and pick one of your favorite posts from your own blog to submit to me in May! Have a great weekend lovelies!

*side note Melanie is not my boss' real name.


TheFamousStacie said...

Ah, you and I would make wonderful tennis partners!!! I only play with other people who are terrible or small children. I won't play with anyone who keeps score. The goal has to be to keep the ball going. : )

Sewing is sooooo fun! You should get a machine and have at it. You could make all your own preppy clothes!!!! And preppy pillows and curtains...

Melissa said...

AMEN to the Starbucks blog post! Also, I get really annoyed when they say it back to me different then when I say it. For example, I am like "I would like a nonfat extra hot latte." and they say "okay, a extra hot nonfat latte." Like I said it wrong. Makes me self conscious.

Keri said...

Awww thanks for this :)
I loved that starbucks post, I remember reading it when she first posted it. I ALWAYS practice my order in my head and usually end up getting the order wrong anyway!
Have a fabulous weekend!
btw~ This may require an email response, but how are things at the job going?