Friday, January 30, 2009

Holiday Pictures...

I have finally got around to uploading and posting photos of our holiday fun! In random order... Cheffie and I out to dinner with friends New Years, 2009.

The country side around the cabin we stayed in near Jackson Hole, WY.
Elk, this is without a zoom, we really were this close!
Big horn sheep, the photo is fuzzy because it was snowing in the littlest flakes you've ever seen.

Skiing with my little sister and Cheffie.

Cheffie and I skiing in Utah
Outside the cabing near Jackson Hole, WY.
The cabin we stayed at near Jackson Hole, WY... If you are interested in staying in one of these cabins any time soon visit Old Mill Cabins, really the website isn't a fair representation of how wonderful the cabins are. In a beautiful isolated setting, they are furnished wonderfully with a mix of antiques and log furniture. All but the largest have fireplaces inside, there is a gorgeous stream that flows through the property and you are nestled between two very close mountains. It is stunning!

My First Pulitzer... Oh I mean blog award

BLC over at The Company She Keeps has been gracious enough to pass along several awards to my little blog. Thank you so much, I am so grateful to have found such wonderful blogging friends who constantly expand my world with their insight, their eye for a good deal, and their ability to compose a witty statement and a smart outfit.

The first award is "Honest Scrap"

Step 1: Choose a minimum of 7 blogs for brilliance in content/design.
Step 2: Show the winners and let them know
Step 3: List at least ten honest things about yourself

Truthful Tidbits:

a. I'm a planner, I plan everything. Vacations to Puerto Rico that we'll never take just b/c the airline sent me an email advertising a cheap flight, how I'm going to spend the $5 I found in the dryer, what I'm going to eat (actually I just think really hard about it and tell Cheffie what I want and he makes it - It's like having my very own genie), What I'm going to buy Cheffie's family for Christmas next year, what I'm going to read next, and next after that, and next after that.... you get the idea

b. I love to cook... don't tell Cheffie I just let him do it because who doesn't want gourmet dinner?

c. I'm a baby talker... I know it's lame and embarrassing, but animals, dogs, and even Cheffie bring out this cutsie annoying voice in me.

d. I never buy clothes that aren't on sale

e. I want to go to Africa for three months this fall to provide medical care for street children and child prostitutes

f. I'm taking a pharmacology course and I love it, I wish I could go back to college all over again

g. I'm not sure I want to have children... certainly humanity won't go into extinction if I don't pro-create?

h. I've told myself I don't like chocolate often enough that I'm starting to believe it -now I'm waiting for the pounds to melt off :)

i. I have a personal vendetta against Kim Kardashian, nobody should be famous for having a big rear end in a homemade sex tape.... honestly what are young girls supposed to aspire to be?

j. I haven't re-applied to medical school because I'm afraid I'll be wait-listed for the third time, which in my overachiever world equals the largest failure of my life....

The blogs I adore to read and would love to know more about the author are:

Monday, January 12, 2009

A more than fair salary and an island house for blogging?

My dear readers... I stumbled across the most interesting article today. It appears that the Great Barrier Reef is hiring a new PR person. Job description: Live on the island in a three bed-room house rent free and blog every day about how wonderful and beautiful the island is, oh yeah and you'll earn $100,000 for your six month contract. Interested? Visit this website...