Friday, April 23, 2010

Preppy Princess Grace

I found these photos on the lovely Neo-Traditionalist blog and here and here... and I was reminded yet again, how timeless, chic, and stunning Grace Kelly truly was...

Did you know that? 

1. Princess Grace's father was a two time olympic medalist, her brother was also an olympic medalist, both in the sport of sculling. 

2. Her mother was the first women's coach in the Ivy League, she coached a basketball team.

3. Princess Grace met Prince Rainier at Cannes, and they kept in correspondence. A few months later he flew to the U.S. on a diplomatic tour and spent only a few days with Grace and her family before he proposed. (Imagine... they had spent maybe two weeks together face to face when they got engaged... crazy) Kelly's parents had to pay a 2 million dollar dowry in order for Grace to be married to the prince.

4. When Princess Grace broke her arm she used a variety of Hermes scarfs as slings to hold it up. Seriously, even wounded she was too chic for words!

5. Grace Kelly was a great friend of the Kennedy family. Before her marriage to prince Rainier (1956) Jackie snuck grace into the hospital dressed as a nurse to visit Jack and raise his spirits while he was hospitalized for a back problem (1954).

This charming autographed photo of the royal family was up for auction a few years ago. I love how classic Grace Kelly looks here.

(Excerpts taken from this blog and from the Neo-Traditionalist)


mFw said...

Love her style! I really need to read more about her! Thanks for posting this!

Scientific Housewife said...

I miss her, she was such an icon and is still a huge fashion inspiration!

cue the sunshine said...

Ahh, her white gloves make my heart pitter patter just a bit - so elegant and lovely.

Keyola Pey said...

Beautiful post! I love Grace Kelly! So classy and amazing!! I'd love it if you'd visit my blog!

Trish said...

Elle these photos are absolutely gorgeous and stunning in every way. I want to print them out and hang them all over my office just for inspiration! What a beautiful post, thank you so much for sharing. You are wonderful!