Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Relevant Magazine and What Preppy Wore Day 2

Hello Lovelies,

Here is Day 2 of the What Preppy Wore Challenge (go here to read all about it).

we're calling this look... Ruffles, Roses and Bows!

White Ruffle neck, tie waste shirt - TJ Maxx Summer 2009
Brown Favorite pants - Gap Spring 2008
Red rose slingback - by Madeline Stuart Ross Spring 2010
Watch - Skagen Gift from the Preppy Boyfriend Holidays 2008
Earrings - large light pink pearls... gift 2008

Here's a better shot of the watch:

This is a gentle warning... as you may know faith plays a big part in my life, and this post is about my faith... sort of... so if this sort of post puts you off of this little blog, or offends you... just skip over it in your reader, and we'll happily see you back tomorrow! :)

Yesterday, I mentioned Relevant Magazine as one of the many magazines I had yet to read... and it occurred to me that you might not know what Relevant Magazine is... so I thought I would enlighten you!

The easiest way to describe relevant is to say that it is Rolling Stone for the Christian. The magazine focuses on relating Christianity to our modern culture in a way that proves that Christians can be open and kind to those of different view points while still being devoted to the truths we hold so dear! Their moto is: 

Relevant has featured everyone from Lil' Wayne, to the Weepies, to Al Gore, to Zachary Levi of Chuck fame (he's a Christian did you know?) on the cover. During the last presidential election they did a fantastic job of highlighting the key issues of all parties that Christians should consider without ever leading you to think one side is better or worse than the other, and without ever telling you what you should think/feel about it. They often feature articles by well-renowned Christian authors like John Piper (Desiring God and Don't Waste Your Life and Let The Nation's Be Glad are my favorite Piper titles) and Don Miller (of Blue Like Jazz fame). 

They also strive to do music reviews that are 20% Christian music reviews and 80% reviews of all other genres. I have found many a great new artist thanks to the relevant team.  They also review new movies, and include fantastic and weird facts from all over such as "According to newly-discovered library records George Washington checked out two library books he never returned. His fines, adjusted for inflation: $100,000."

One of my very favorite features of the magazine is that in every issue they feature at least one (but more often two or three) organizations that are making a difference (or as my theology professor would say "are bringing about God's redemptive purpose") in our world. One of my very favorite things about humanity is how creative we can be when we reach out to meet the needs of someone else. So, I find it very inspiring to always be introduced to new people and organizations that are creatively bringing about redemption to this broken world of ours.

Much of their content can be found online at relevantmagazine.com, but I love having a print copy so I can give them to other people and give my eyes a break from staring at the computer screen all day! Also, the magazine doesn't come out monthly... I think it comes out every 3 months? with an extra issue somewhere in there.... anyway... if you're interested definitely check it out I found many a great Christian author, organization, and artists (both Christian and non) by reading it's pages.

My favorite features at relevantmagazine.com right now are:

 a Q&A with Tina Fey and Steve Carrell

God vs. The American Dream: How do our cultural goals line up with God's commands?

She & Him's perfect Harmony (on a side note via this article I just found out that Zoey Deschanel also sang... did you know that?)

**Just a side note we will be having our Preppy Monthly Blog share at the beginning of May (really where did April go?)... so please submit your favorite post from your own blog in a comment on my blog... between now and the morning of May 1st. You are all so talented I know you have written some beautiful, funny, charming, inspiring posts... so now is the time to share your great work and let preppy Elle brag on you! 


Trish said...

Another adorable outfit Miss Elle! Love that blouse on you, so cute! I love Skagen watches. I've had one for about 7 years and I love it. I also gave Matt one about 5 years ago, and we just had to have the battery replaced for the first time last month. They are very stylish and a nice alternative to big bulky watches! :) Have a great day!

Practically Perfect... said...

Very cute shoes :-) Two thumbs up!

I'm not sure if I've heard of Relevant magazine or not... it sounds familiar... I can't remember! Either way, it seems like the kind of thing that is along my lines of interest. I'll have to check itou!

Scientific Housewife said...

Love your outfit! She & Him, is great, Zooey has such a unique voice!

Keri said...

Love the shirt! I've never heard of this mag but I do have a secret love for Christian rock music :) I used to go to Christian camp as a kid and have acquired quite a collection!

Poppies and Sunshine said...
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Poppies and Sunshine said...

I am seeing ruffles everywhere lately and I'm loving it! I also love Zooey and her style and music!

Anonymous said...

I love readding, and thanks for your artical.........................................