Friday, March 5, 2010

Preppy Monthly Blog

Hi readers,

Today I'm admitting I'm stealing a blog concept from another blogger, and I'm not giving credit where credit is due... sorry, although this idea is really great, the blog from which I am stealing it, is well I'm not sure exactly what it is, but it appears to be leaning heavily towards religious conservatism, I'd hate to post the link and have my unsuspecting readers find themselves in the middle of some ultra religious post. Every time I post a link I consider it an endorsement, or a suggestion for you my readers to visit that site and check it out and in this case, well I just don't give my endorsement. The great thing is I have seen a similar ideas on other blogs (although not blogs I follow regularly), so at least I don't feel like I am plagiarizing an original idea...  :)

Okay, okay my plagiarizing dilemma aside here's the plan. Once a month we at Completely Preppy are going to do a Preppy Monthly Blog. This is your opportunity to submit content to Completely Preppy. Look over your blog posts for the past month. Pick your favorite post, something you're proud of creating, something insightful, something inspiring, something uber preppy or pretty that we all have to see, and send me a link. I will then compile all of your links with blog author and titles, into a post. I'm planning on posting it the first weekend of the month.

The rules are simple
1) This is a family friendly blog, so please only send appropriate content. And because I really do want to show off your content, please don't post a link to a giveaway.

2) Please submit one of your favorite posts from February, in link form to the actual post not just to your main blogger homepage to me by Saturday at Midnight. You can either submit the link in a comment on this post, or by email with Preppy Monthly Blog in the header to I will create the post on Sunday.

3) Be sure to let your readers know that you are participating in this fun blogging get together by posting a quick link to the Preppy Monthly Blog Post. 

I'm excited to see what each of you considers to be your favorite, most inspiring, stunning, amazing post for the past month, and I'm off to dive through my archives and find my own favorite!


Suburban Princess said...

This is such a fun idea!

Here is mine!

Bella Michelle said...

Fun Idea!

Join the Gossip said...

Great idea! I don't feel like mine are inspiring enough haha. Maybe I can find one and send it your way =)

mFw said...

I just found your blog its adorable!

Scientific Housewife said...

Great idea!