Monday, May 31, 2010

Memento Mori

Memento Mori - Remember that you are mortal

Today, is memorial day... I am so proud of our troops. To see our men and women in uniform always brings tears to my eyes and gives me goosebumps of awe. As the proud granddaughter of a Colonel (my grandmother would die to hear me drop rank... hehehehe). I know first hand the sacrifices my grandfather made to be a part of our armed forces. He was selected as part of the Olympic fencing team, and decided instead to head off to bootcamp that summer. His daughter didn't recognize him when he returned home from war, my grandmother raised their five children alone while my grandfather went off to fight first in Vietnam, then in Korea. With all their sacrifice and all the pain they endured for the honor of our country, they are still the lucky ones. My grandfather is alive, and he is whole, and he enjoyed a fabulous life as a civilian. There have been so many more even in my lifetime who aren't that lucky.

So, today remember that you are mortal... that they were mortal... and they gave their sweet, short lives for a cause altogether bigger than any one of us.

US Navy Troops - Fleet Week 2010

US Soldier in Afghanistan

Iraq War Soldiers

First Gulf War Coffins and Soldiers Come Home

Vietnam War Soldier

Korean War Soldier

WWII Soldier

WWI Soldier

Civil War Soldier

Revolutionary War Battlefield


Silver Strands said...

Oh Elle ... what a wonderful Memorial Day tribute. You have a great heritage, and your parents and grandparents must be awfully proud to have you ~ posterity that appreciates and reverences freedom and those who fight for it. Your Grandfather - WOW - a true hero... So glad I read your blog first thing this morning. It will set the tone for my day.

Kelly and Sara said...

Great blog and I am glad you made it all about what today truly is! God bless our troops

Mary said...

Lovely pictures. Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend. Great blog.

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