Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pink and Green Thursday Beach Edition

Hello Lovelies,

This Pink and Green Thursday is beach themed in honor of all of our gorgeous gulf shore beaches, that may never again be the same... For updates on where the oil spill has now spread to, and how the wildlife are reacting please drop by Bumpkin on a Swing... and be sure to pray for Captain John and all those working towards minimizing the impact on the wildlife!

What's a day at the beach without one's very own monogrammed towel? 

I love this style from Where the Fairy Tale Begins - Custom Embroidery

I love these baroque outdoor chairs featured on Trendir (if you watched Boston Legal, these chairs are made of the same material as the white chairs that Denny used to sit on and smoke his cigars on the balcony of the office). I sat on one in a design store, and they are quite comfortable!

These Aladdin Lanterns featured on Style Hive are a stunning way to light a beach side table.

Few things are as precious as babies on the beach, one day I would love to have a painting like this one by Misty Mistler of my children playing in the waves. 

Because as much as we might love the beach, we don't love what the sun does to our skin, no trip to the beach is complete without a charming sun hat! I love this pink and white one from That Way Hat, and it certainly doesn't get more affordable. I have a similar one in khaki, and it's fantastic, it's easy to fold, restores it shape quickly when unpacked, has a brim wide enough to cover my face and neck with shade, and has just a small amount of wire on the edge of the brim so I can bend it just enough to see out of!

I think this pink and green bedroom featured on the blog children style, would be amazing even for an adult's beach house bedroom!

Love this beach house bedroom featured in Coastal Living... I think the shells on the wall as a border around the mirror are a great and affordable idea! Doesn't that bed seem like a slice of heaven after a long day in the sun?

Every girl of course needs a fantastic beach bag and I am in love with this green and pink version from Scout. I love the three outside pockets! The perfect place to stash bottles of contact solution and sunscreen so they don't leak on all of the stuff inside the bag. It's water resistant and you can wipe it clean. And I love that it has both short handles and long handles so you can carry it or sling it over your shoulder.

A pink and green trip to the beach would not, could not possibly be complete without something from the ever beachy Lilly Pulitzer. I am in love with this dress from the current collection.

And just for fun, have you seen the great styling in the new ads for H&M's garden home collection? It is of course complete unrealistic and marvelously dreamy to think of spending they day reading in this cushy chair on the sand!

Love this image... it just makes me smile!

What Preppy Wore:

I know my hair looks funny at this angle, but trust me it was this cute bouffant, with a little side ponytail... very charming :)

Dress - BCBG bought at TJ MAXX Spring 2007
Shoes - Miss Me from a local boutique Spring 2009  -- I have worn all of the seasonally appropriate shoes I have once already, so today is my first day to repeat a shoe... you can see these shoes styled with a different look here.
Watch - Kenneth Cole Gift Fall 2006
Black Dot Earrings - Charlotte Russe Summer 2009


Scientific Housewife said...

I love everything in the post!

Suburban Princess said...

OMG I love those chairs!
Is that your desk and office? The desk is gorgeous!

Valerie said...

I love the monogrammed pink towel and your shoes are awesome! I love the bouffant/side pony. It looks perfect on you. :)


Silver Strands said...

Happy Thursday Elle! Holy COW you look great today!!!!! How about a close-up of your hair?

Poppies and Sunshine said...

I loove that green bedding! It's gorgeous! The picture with the umbrellas on the beach is cute!

Thank you for your sweet comment :)

thepreppyprincess said...

What a lot of luscious goodies you found...they are all just grand! And we like your hair, you look beautiful. :)

Absolutely Ladylike said...

What a terrific beach edition...I love those baroque garden chairs...I want one!!!

Many thanks for the lovely birthday message dear Elle. Means a lot...

Cheers: Evi

TheFamousStacie said...

Ahhhh the beach is my life these days. I wish my baby would just sit at the beach. He insists on running into every wave keeping me on my toes!

I was just thinking this morning that I need an amazingly huge beach bag. Taking a family of 5 to the beach is starting to require multiple bags. 5 beach towels take up a lot of space!

Something enormous and stylish that I could throw over my should while I ride my bike to the beach...

TheFamousStacie said...

Ok, I just ordered the hat!

Trish said...

Hi sweet, sweet Elle, how are you this week darling girl? I know you have so much on your mind these days, and I thank you so much for making time to play along for Pink & Green Thursday! (Also - I'm HOME now and can send you a long email reply finally this weekend - be on the lookout!:) )

Can I tell you honestly, I think this is my FAVORITE Pink & Green Thursday of yours, EVER!

Pink monogrammed beach towel, yes please! Those chairs are gorgeous, love the jewel colors (and that cute lounging puppy, ah the life!) Love the pink and green lanterns, they are perfect for the back deck. Great find!

The painting of the baby on the beach is gorgeous, I know you will have the most beautiful babies one day and will be the bestest mama.

The bedding you selected is precious! Did you see the big shells on the wall around the mirror in the pink bedroom? I need to remember that tip! The Lilly dress is beautiful, I saw it last weekend, even prettier in person. The natural waistline doesn't look good on me at all, but I think you are tall enough to pull it off and look like a million in it! :) I think that needs to be in your closet ASAP, you could wear it for so many things this summer (and in SF too!!)

You look so very pretty in that dress, and I love the way you've styled your hair, the side ponytail is perfect on you! (and I have a little crush on all your pink stickies, they are so adorable just like you!) Love you girly! xoxo

Chloe said...

I LOVE those chairs!

Anonymous said...

Love all of your pink and green picks for this post and your outfit! Have a great day!

Fashion Meets Food said...

I absolutely love everything about this post! I just found you blog and adore it! You have a new follower!


Emily said...

Aww I have the green and white comforter that you have posted. I love it! I get compliments on it all the time!