Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Whimsical Escape

Hello Loves,

I had a terrible Monday this week... absolutely terrible, and much of that due to a huge mistake I made... I've worked for this company for a few years now and with only 40 days left to go, I make the biggest mistake I've ever made... awesome... really awesome! I wish I could have said oh well, life happens, but in reality, although I sit on the 27th floor, my stomach dropped to the first floor when I realized what I had done and it remains there to this minute.

There are times when great quotes help and times when they don't. This is an instance of the latter... however, I can't help but wish I knew who Henry James was talking about when he said. "She had an unequalled gift... of squeezing big mistakes into small opportunities." Certainly, in times like this that is a characteristic to admire!

What is making me feel better is escaping into a bit of whimsy... How stunning is this print from the Etsy shop lindsayart? I could get lost in that blue dress, those trees and candles, and the inquisitive look on that delicate little face... oh for just a while to escape into this whimsical place. Where do you think she's carrying that little bird off to?

What Preppy Wore Monday, May 10th

My lovely photographer sidekick was out today, so ya'll are stuck with my poor quality self photography. Lets not talk about how big my calves look in this picture okay... for now we're just calling them 'athletic.' Just for a fun side note... not only have I been able to wear a different outfit everyday so far, but I've also been able to wear a different pair of shoes everyday for 12 days (I am however, going to run out of shoe options long before I run out of clothing options).

J Crew Perfect Fit Petal Tee - Spring 2009 (I'm including a picture from the website so you can see the cute petals along the neckline)
Cashmere Cardigan - spring 2008 Pac Sun
White cotton skirt - Summer 2005 Charlotte Russe
Ralph Lauren Kitten Heels - Fall 2006
Rose and rhinestone ring - Forever 21 spring 2010
Parrot cameo necklace- Chloe Lane fall 2009
Pink pearl earrings - Gift winter 2008


Bumpkin on a Swing said...

I think your athletic legs look hot, and I am sorry that you had an oops that makes you feel so bad. Let's call it a lesson not a screw up okay? (Is that too close to a corny quote for comfort?) I love the petals on the tee. JCrew breaks the bank. I have several of these tee's, and I love them. I hate ironing them however. I'm sending you a little oily sunshine, to brighten your day, and hydrate your skin. Chin up Missy Maam!

Scientific Housewife said...

Another great outfit!

Silver Strands said...

Elle, you are DARLING! So sorry about the blunder that makes you feel like disappearing ... I know that feeling! Here's hoping for a brighter tomorrow for you :)

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Mistakes are horrible!!! I know this doesn't help, but mistakes happen to everyone.

You look really cute though! Great outfit! I hope things get better, and you can either resolve the mistake or get past it quickly.

Keri said...

Aww I'm sorry you had a bad day! Don't worry, we all make mistakes :) Cheer up! xoxo