Monday, May 17, 2010

Preppy Revisits Her Resolutions

Hello Lovelies,

As June quickly approaches I realize I am only a few weeks away from being halfway through 2010... can you believe it? All this time has gone by quickly and slowly... all the waiting to move and waiting to start medical school paired with all the memories I want to cram in before we leave Austin... it's enough to make my head spin... can I get a pitcher of Gin & Tonic (forever after referred to as G&T)!

However, I thought this time would be a great one to revisit my New Years Resolutions (original post here)... remember those things we made way back in January when the year was still new and full of promise... and we for sheer hope and Joy and coming off of the sugar rush of the holidays thought that certainly 2010 was going to be our year! Well, lovelies... has it been your year yet? It's time to get our hands dirty and make it happen if it hasn't been! :)

Without further ado, my resolution check-in!

1) Keep going to church - YAY! This one has been the easiest by far to accomplish, I love my church (you can view our messages online here), and I love the Lord. I feel so blessed to be called, and loved, and celebrated by this immense Creator of ours. Thank you Lord, for drawing my wayward soul ever closer to Thee! Not only have I gone to church consistently, but I volunteer with the 4-5 year olds now once a month (I love the little boogers... soo cute) and I had so much fun volunteering the first time that the PBF has been volunteering along with me. And I've gotten back into the habit of a regular quiet time in the mornings. It is so nice before the hectic craziness of my life starts, to just take a few minutes each morning and remember that I in fact am not going through this crazy world alone, but with all the help a girl could ever want or need!
*On a side note I took this fantastic picture of a church in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico... beautiful, smart, going to be a doctor AND a great photographer... how does one do it you ask? Lots of Gin and tonic loves... lots and lots! 

2) Eat five servings of fruits and vegetables a day.... eeek! this one has definitely been hit or miss... and honestly mostly miss. I just don't think that far ahead of my meals. Well, preppy you're not even halfway through the year yet... so lots of time to get better at this!

3) Stick to your budget... uhhmmm... I've been close, does close count in budgets? I mean I know it counts in horse shoes and hand grenades... but can we say it counts in budgets too? I think so! Although, I haven't exactly hit my budget right on the head every month, I've learned some valuable things about myself. a) I love to give big wonderful presents -this will have to change when I'm in medical school, and I'll just have to get more thoughtful and creative about gifts b) I go through shopping phases.... sometimes all I want to do is shop and sometimes I detest shopping... because of this it makes more sense for me to have a quarterly shopping budget than a monthly shopping budget. That way if a great sale comes along, or I'm just feeling extra shoppy then I can spend within my budget without having to finagle it from the next months budget. c) and most important I've learned how much I actually need to earn to live on (aka how much I'll need to take out in student loans), this amount will change some due to a higher cost of living in in California than in Texas... but overall I have a much better idea of what I spend and why... so this one is sort of accomplished :)

4) Send more letters just because! Well, truth be told I haven't done this... I've thought of doing it, but it just feels sort of lame. I mean the people I would send letters to, aren't the kind of people who would ever write a letter and so I found myself wondering what they would think of a handwritten letter. I mean I know in some circles a hand written letter is cherished, but I'm just not sure that I move very much in those circles... I did however, have lots of fun attaching great notes to fantastic gifts!

5) Take one mini vacation before medical school - we've done some weekend activities, but truth be told... the financial side of me is just too responsible to take unpaid days off of work, and spend money before the big move. So, instead of a mini-vacation I'm thinking I may move out to California a week earlier than originally planned... thus, giving myself around three weeks to get settled and enjoy our new home before I start school! I mean I'll be minutes from wine country... sounds like a built in vacation to me!


Kristin said...

I reeeeeeeally need to work on 2 & 3 also! I can't believe it's almost June already!

Keri said...

So smart to do a resolution check in! I cannot believe it is almost June and you are moving so soon! Have you visited all the places in TX you wanted to? Also, how is the marathon training going?? Hope you had a lovely weekend...

Silver Strands said...

Hey Elle ... have I told you this week that I love visiting with you? I do :)
And good for you for keeping resolution #1 ... it's always good to throw in a resultion or two that you know you can keep!
xoxoxox to you!

Jane said...

Go early! You want to have already found your grocery store, post office, dry cleaners etc before school starts! And you want to be unpacked. And you want to have found some good restaurants! Haha ... I have so much to tell you and i don't even know where to start. I think I'll just send you a stupid long email that you can choose to disregard if you so desire! ;)