Saturday, May 8, 2010

What Preppy Wore Challenge Week 2 Summary

Hello Lovelies, first of all a big southern preppy welcome to all my new followers! Several of you have joined lately and I'm always so happy to know that other people like to read my drivel! Be sure to say Hi, I love getting to know ya'll! Hopefully, the what preppy wore challenge doesn't bore you to tears.... only 40 days of my working life left... and then I'll be a med student... woot! woot! Also, be sure to stop by Maggie's Random Occurrences blog as she is partnering with me on this challenge and doing one of her own!






Although the jumper is super cute, my office was chilly today so I spent most of the day wearing this cardigan... and thought I would include it because I did in fact wear it all day!

Jumper - Rhapsody (or as Maggie says it "fopsody") - Ross Spring 2010
Shoes - BCBG Gift Summer 2008
Cardigan - Gap Boyfriend - Fall 2009
Earrings - gift Winter 2008
Necklace - Jerusalem Cross from Jerusalem - gift spring 2008
Bracelet (cuff) - Charlotte Russe - Summer 2007


Bumpkin on a Swing said...

Tuesday was my favorite, Friday and Wednesday were close seconds, love the storm colored shoes...Are you running out of clothes yet?

mFw said...

You look adorable in all the pics! You are so creative to do this!

Vic said...

those shoes are fab! I can't even think about getting dressed up this weekend:) my baby is recovering so it's mama comfy mode! I love your outfits:) Sweet~

Marcie said...

I love the Monday outfit and the shoes! Very cute. Love the blog.

Have a great weekend,

Chloe said...

you are so cute!

Anonymous said...
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Valerie said...

I adore the BCBG shoes and the gold cuff. Great outfits! I love seeing how you pair things together.


Mags said...

I think tuesday is still my fav. I am sorry to see that one get packed away. Love the Jumper of Friday too. Don't forget to tell everyone we are taking a picture in a different place for the next 40 days too! Thanks for the mention of my blog too!

Scientific Housewife said...

I absolutely love that dress from Monday, so cute!