Sunday, May 9, 2010

Preppy is Thankful For

Hello Lovelies,

As springtime is rapidly turning into summertime in central Texas I find myself being oh so thankful for my back door and the weather... I know it seems an odd combination. But you see, I have these three charming, playful, rambuctious, and in the morning rather lazy and needy pups. When the weather is cold outside and I let them out and shut the door behind them, they often forget to use the restroom, and instead immediately turn around and start whimpering to be let back in... as though they think I might leave them in the cold forever. I'm not sure where they got this fear of being locked outside as our dogs have never been locked outside without accompaniment in their entire lives, but none-the-less with the cold weather comes at the door whimpering. However, if I leave the door open and they know they can get back in they trot along and do their potties, and then run around and play as happy as can be, the minute the door closes, their back waiting and whimpering.

Enter spring/summer, and well lovelies, I am only too happy to leave my back door open so the preppy pups can happily run around the garden for an hour or so as I get ready to start my day! What a relief to not have to worry about "heating the whole neighborhood" so my pups can use the bathroom.

So Loves, what small aspects of your daily routine are you thankful for today?

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Scientific Housewife said...

It is way too hot in FL to be leaving anything open but I am happy for weather that lets me plant flowers, just wishing for more rain!