Friday, May 21, 2010

Preppy Window Shades cont.

Hello Lovelies,

You may remember when I shared the Southern Living suggestion to customize a window shade with a paint and a stencil (original post here)... well, in May's issue of Good Housekeeping, they offer another twist on the idea by adding a ribbon around the shade... (I've also seen people update their shower curtains, and even regular curtains by adding their own ribbon trim). I'm wondering if all these articles keep touting the benefit of the pull down shade... does that mean we can expect to see more pull down shades in the future? A part of me hopes not!

What Preppy Wore Thursday 5/21/2010

White V-Neck Tee - Derek Heart Ross Fall 2009
Wide Leg High Waist Jeans - Boom Boom Jeans - TJ Maxx Fall 2009
Printed Scarf - Unknown Maker - Burlington Coat Factory Fall 2009
Life Stride Heels - Stage Summer 2005
Dangly Amber Earrings - Gift Fall 2007
Skagen Watch - Gift Winter 2008
Belt Ebay - Spring 2009


House Queen said...

Love that shade girl! Have a fabulous Friday!

Anonymous said...

Who knew jeans and a white v neck could look so chic?!

Happy weekend!

Vic said...

I'm obsessed with scarves!!!! They're awesome aren't they!:)

Jules said...

A cute scarf can totally make an outfit and it definitely does in this case. I love the pattern on that! The chunky heels look really cute and comfortable too.

That window shade with ribbon trim is very cute!

Valerie said...

You look great and that shade is so cute with the ribbon! Wow, 50 days with different work outfits, I'm impressed. That would be hard to do for me. Yes, it's so much easier to grab one item when I'm packing my bag at 4:30am before I go to the gym. Less coordinating involved. Your scarf is so pretty. Have a great weekend!


Anne @ the doctor takes a wife said...

The shade is beautiful :) I love it!!

Joyeful said...

Ohhh, I love that scarf!! And you are just a doll! I WISH I could wear high waist pants and look that good : )

Thanks for your sweet comment, dear, I needed to hear those kind words!

Silver Strands said...

Elle, that scarf is AMAZING. I hope you have the best weekend ever.

Let me also say that you are sweet beyond words. So glad we're friends.

Mags said...

I like pull down shades in a kitchen or bathroom, not really in the rest of the house. How cute would that shade be in a blue and white vintage looking kitchen?

I want that scarf!