Saturday, May 15, 2010

What Preppy Wore Challenge Week 3 Summary



Wednesday - (P.S. Not sure why I have the worlds largest bags under my eyes... in this picture)

Thursday - So... I don't drive in my high heels... a) it's bad for the shoe and puts too much strain on the heel making it likely to break b) it scuffs the heel and c) it's unsafe, and can impair the ability to brake quickly... so I wear 'driving shoes' typically they're a comfy pair of loafers... but when it's above 90 and humid in Texas I wear flip flops to drive. Thursday morning, my mind was so full of nonsense that I forgot to change shoes before I got out of my car(sadly this does happen about once a month)... so instead of wearing my cute heels into the office, by the time I realized I was wearing the wrong shoes it was too late to go back... awesome look right? Lucky for me my boss wears her yoga pants to work 90% of the time... so casual is an acceptable dress code around here.

Oh and in addition to rocking my awesome Teva's with my cute dress, my eyes are also closed, and yes my toe nails are unpainted... pretty much I just rolled out of bed and showed up on Thursday... I'm thinking it's a new trend! :)

Dress Unknown Maker - TJ Maxx Spring 2007
Gap Boyfriend Cardigan - Fall 2009
Criss-Cross Tevas (AKA the most awesome flip flops ever) - DSW Spring 2008
Green Shell Necklace - Gift Spring 2008
Wooden Block Earrings - Charlotte Russe Summer 2008

Friday - I love the necklace I'm wearing today it is my favorite! I love that it looks and feels like a wax seal. It's a cold and rainy day in Austin, so I also wore my trench coat for a good part of the day, so it's being included in my What Preppy Wore pictures for today!

Steve Madden Teal Ruffle Sandals - DSW 2009
Papaya Leggings - Fall 2009
H&M T-Back Tank Top - H&M spring 2007
Brown tank vest - One Love Clothing Ross Winter 2010
Black Trench Coat - Old Navy - Gift Winter 2008
D Initial necklace by Waxing Poetic - Gift Christmas 2009
Gold Filigree Earrings - Banana Republic Spring 2010
Rose Ring - Forever 21 Spring 2010
Gold Rose Cuff- Banan Republic Winter 2009


mFw said...

You always look fabulous! I love mondays outfit! Have a great weekend!

Summer Wind said...

I love love love the gold earrings! What pretty outfits!

Chloe said...

you are so cute! that's funny about wearing your tevas to work- soo something I would do!

Jane said...

I have those same black Tevas and they might be my favorite shoe! SO STINKING COMFORTABLE. Now, if I could afford shoes with red soles, I'm sure I'd feel differently about the favorite status. :)

Silver Strands said...

Awwww ... cute! My favorite is Thursday's - even with the flip-flops. I can't drive with shoes on at all. Which is really a problem in the winter. I'm lucky to have any shoes on when I get out of my car - so I think you did really well wearing flip flops all day:)

The Antiques Diva™ said...

What a week in review! Love those turqouise sandles!

Mags said...

I think we should re-do Thursday because that is my fav and I don't think the picture did it justice.

shari @ little blue deer said...

Oh my gosh, you look lovely every day, no worries! I went out of town this weekend and almost brought 2 different shoes, if that makes you feel any better!

Valerie said...

You look great every day, but my favorite outfit is Tuesday! The high-waisted pencil skirt is always one of my favorite looks. It always looks so clean, professional, and classic. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.


Anonymous said...
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Scientific Housewife said...

You are just too cute!

Practically Perfect... said...

Cute cute cute! Love the story about the flip-flops :-) And your accessories are fabulous - love 'em!