Thursday, May 6, 2010

Preppy Things to do in ATX

Hello Lovelies,

As the big move to the Bay Area quickly approaches I've been making my list of things I want to do before leaving Austin... The list is not complete, but its a good start!

Visit Emerald's -My fav Austin boutique! The great thing about Emerald's is that they aren't overly snooty like a lot of boutiques. They carry a wide array of items from accessories for the home to clothing and shoes and jewelry to paper and candles. Their price points range from "Oh-My-Gosh-What-A-Great-Deal" to "Oh-My-Gosh-I-Love-This-But-If-I-Buy-It-I-Won't-Be-Eating-For-A-Month!"

Climb Mt. Bonell and take pictures of the free roaming peacocks

Visit Zilker Botanical Gardens

Re-Visit the Blanton Art Museum

Rent a Sculling Boat and Scull on Town Lake

Okay, this one is a little crazy...There is a lake in Austin named Emma Long, and there is only one road into and out of Emma Long. On that road about 2 miles before you enter the park that houses Emma Long Lake, there is this fantastic retro green/blue sign that says "Green Shores Ski Shores" or maybe it says "Green Stores Ski Shores" with a big arrow below it pointing to a road to the left. The sign is mid-century retro and I am just dying to see what is down that road. There may be something wonderful, or it may be a run-down shack that was once a resort... either way I'm going to find out before we leave!

Take the hike above the Pennybaker Bridge and photograph the sunset

Head out to the Oasis Restaurant to watch the sunset over Lake Travis

Take a picture of one of the giant agave plants that are all over central TX

A few blocks from our house there is a live oak that has a cactus growing at the fork of its branches... I aim to take a picture of that tree before we move!

Climb to the top of the UT watch tower... the tower was closed for decades after the UT shootings from the top of the tower, but in recent years it has re-opened for guided tours.


Trish said...

Sounds like a blast, I want to come too! The botanical gardens sounds fabulous, I bet I could take some great pictures there. Hope you're having a great week Elle, Miss you!!

Valerie said...

Sounds like a great list! The botanical gardens look amazing. How fun that you're moving to the bay area. Good luck with the move!


Mags said...

you better get started! That is alot of stuff.

Keri said...

Austin sounds like a blast...I would like to visit there someday.