Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm learning something...

In the task of trying to record 5 daily graces, I'm learning that my life is too busy (and perhaps, just perhaps I watch too much TV). I haven't been as diligent as I would like to record these graces, but today before I leave to take my dad to his first visit at the radiology oncologist I thought I would take a moment and be thankful for grace.

1. I have an employer who is so supportive of my need to be with my dad during this time that she has paid for my flight home.

2. We were given some amazing patio furniture that is far nicer than anything we could have afforded. It's beautiful and wonderful to have a new outdoor space to utilize!

3. A company purchased laptop that allows me to work (and thus get paid) even while traveling for personal reasons (medical school interviews and Dr.'s visits with dad).

4. Preppy Boyfriend's parents are taking us to mexico for a week on vacation... I am clinging to that vacation as my life continues to get more stressful.

5. A promotion and a raise, even though my boss realizes that it will be rare that I work a full week with my dad's cancer and with my medical school interviews.

I truly am blessed. I am also however, very nervous for this trip home. There were no car rentals to be found at the airport, so my dear Auntie is picking me up at the airport. I hate to burden people and ask them to drive me around. Hopefully, this will teach me some humility or something. (PS... what's the perfect thank you for Dear Auntie who's driving an hour or so round trip to pick me up at the airport?)

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I am a new follower and just wanted to say what an amazing post this is! I need to try a dose of that!! p.s. really sorry about your dad.