Monday, August 10, 2009

Grace to fall asleep

So It's 11:33 PM and I can't sleep. Usually, I'm sound asleep long before now... some people lose weight when they're stressed.... apparently I lose sleep. Who knew :)

Here's to grace, calming my thoughts and reminding me that life is about more than I realize...

1. A growing friendship with Preppy Boyfriend's Sister
2. Sweet Tea
3. The pleasure of flowers blooming in my yard
4. More rain in the forecast this week
5. My snuggly and cozy bed that's calling as I type this...

I have to say, now when I'm worried and anxious and feel heavy with the process of all that's going on with my dad I can see and feel in new ways the impact that grace has on my life. Some days I feel like I've got to dig pretty deep to find those small things, but the weakness on those days is in me... I'm thankful for grace to grow beyond that weakness...

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