Monday, August 17, 2009


Monday, busy Monday.... phew I'm propping my feet up, drinking a sweet tea and trying not to think about heading back to work tomorrow! I haven't been keeping up with my graces lately, so today seemed like the perfect day to get caught up...

1. Medical School Interview invitation number 3

2. Richard Foster's "Celebration of Discipline: The path to spiritual growth," What a needed reminder that grace and not will is the answer to the problem of sin...

3. A beautiful flower delivery to my office this morning

4. A sense of peace around the medical school admissions process, although I do get caught up in waiting to hear back from schools, at the same time I have this wonderful sense of peace. If I get in I trust that God will put me in the right school for me.

5. A fun day swimming and playing in the water with my dogs (Sunday)


Anonymous said...

Those are some pretty great graces!!

Lisa said...

You have much on your plate & much to be grateful for indeed!
Focus, focus, breathe, focus...
I love Nina too! I need one of those green buttons....anyway I would say navy & white or kelly green & white would be fresh & strong.
Have a graceful day today.
Loved hearing from you.