Friday, July 31, 2009

What to where to an interview... BCBG Rosette Dress?

Readers I am in a fashion crisis...

The medical school interview season has started and I don't have the perfect suit to wear. Having done this before I know that everyone, and I mean EVERYONE wears a black suit. Most girls also wear a black pant suit.

I happen to own a lovely black suit, but I never wear it and am not comfortable in it (although it is a comfortable cut and fabric, it's just not me). The interview is all about the admissions staff getting to know you, and a part of my personality that I love is that I am feminine and intelligent. I would love for that side to show, without breaking too far from the mold of what's expected.

So far, I'm leaning heavily toward this beautiful contrast rosette dress from BCBG (Mr. Prep's darling sister wore one like it to a New Years Soiree and looked stunning), of course with a jacket...

I love the details of this dress, the rosette collar, and the buttons up the side. I've tried it on and the cut is very flattering (although the silk fabric does not breath well and the buttons are difficult to fasten on one's own).
In addition to this do ya'll have any suggestions? Any places I should look for that must wear suit? Any wonderful suits you've found lately?


Kappa Prep said...

What a pretty dress! I think it would look great with a jacket too. You need to wear what you feel good in and what is you!

Legallyblondemel said...

So sorry it has taken me a while to get back to you on this!

Hmm . . . I'm wondering if med school & the related interviews are as conservative as law school-related ones (although we don't do entrance interviews) are. If so, I'd be hesitant to do something completely different than everyone else; much as I'd prefer we be able to express ourselves, it's generally not the time to stand out for your clothes.

That being said, I think this dress is perfectly appropriate (and cute!), as paired with a traditionally styled black blazer, hose, and conservative heels. I agree with Kappa Prep that you should wear what you feel comfortable in, of course with the caveat that for interview purposes, sometimes we have to go more conservative than we might otherwise.