Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thank you card colors

Readers, I am so excited! The wonderful Nina of the blog According to Nina is going to design some tres chic Thank You cards for me. 

I'll be using the cards to send thank you's to any party involved in the medical school interview process. These thank you's will be a last opportunity for me to put my name in front of the admissions committee and remind them that I am a stellar person, and of course a wonderful candidate for the class of 2014!

Nina asked me to let her know what colors I was thinking, and I of course went straight to pink and green however I'm open to suggestions! Medical school admissions committees are notoriously traditional and straight laced, so maybe pink and green is to preppy/perky...

What do you think readers? Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

I think a subtle pink and green as accent colors on a thank you card would be appropriate!

AEO said...

Staid, traditional medicine.............screaming navy with an accent color to me. Personally I'm a huge fan of navy and green together, but if the pink and green is done simply and paired with a gray to tone it down, then I could see that working. Working in the field, I can just see them not taking a card that screams "Lilly" too seriously.

Can't wait to see what they look like when they are done!