Monday, August 10, 2009

Still Planting...

We are in the middle of a drought, and it is a rare day that temperatures aren't well into triple digits. I fully realize this is hardly the time to be putting new plants into my garden, and yet I found myself planting last night trying to get everything into the ground before a rare rain storm started.

This is my first year gardening, and since the process started in the spring I've had my spring bulbs bloom and recede, I've had several plants fall victim either to the fierce hail storms of June, or to the clay soil that has proven nearly impossible in my back yard. And although we rent, I have this compulsive urge to keep filling in the holes when a plant in my flower garden dies. I hate to think of the money I've spent to planting the flower beds of our little rental.

So last night before the brief rain shower, I planted each of the things I had purchased: Day lilies, Azalea, balloon flower, and red ixora.

I am particularly excited about the red Ixora, in our climate it should bloom almost continuously throughout the year. Last year, I was pleased to learn that my white pansies also bloom all year long. So, as I was sweating to death digging holes in my garden I found myself looking forward to walking up to my front door and even in December seeing pretty flowers along the way. It almost makes this oppressive heat worth while... almost.

1. A brief rain shower to wet the dry and cracked earth
2. Quality time with the preppy boyfriend to refresh our relationship
3. An impromptu dinner at friends house, and the opportunity to meet their newborn little girl
4. My second medical school interview invitation
5. Returning to the comfort of my daily routine


Summer Wind said...

I think the pink flower is so pretty

Anonymous said...

Love the white pansy! So pretty =)