Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Preppy Working...Preppy Job Demo

Hello Readers,

I posted a brief post last week mentioning that I might lose my job. Fortunately, I did not. Although, what that means is that I am still working in a chaotic environment. I'm relatively certain that my company is going to keep me employed until I leave for the start of medical school in July, however, I also know that they aren't planning on replacing my when I leave. Which creates a certain amount of uncertainty for me while I'm here. Lets hope things don't get so dire that they decide to let me go in the next 21 and a half weeks. We're aiming for my last day of work to be July 16th, 2010. School will start August 2nd, but I'm not yet sure if that's when classes start or when Orientation starts. Thus, moving day will likely fall on July 18th.

When I thought I might lose my job I immediately started looking for other jobs and one of the fun things that I came across was the opportunity to be a tutor. I've never considered myself to be extraordinarily smart, but I enjoy learning so even when school was challenging it was still fun for me. However, just mention the phrase "Starting Medical School," and suddenly you would think I was a member of Mensa. Anyway, I've been asked to do an interview for a tutoring company that teaches you how to tutor, and how to teach test prep. The plus side of this company is that they have several branches in the Bay Area where I'll be moving this summer. So, theoretically if all goes well, I might be able to tutor a few hours a week while I'm in medical school. Doing just a few tutoring sessions each week will provide me with enough extra money to still have some discretionary spending money while in school, and also allow me to make extra payments on my car.

Here's my challenge, I have to do a 2-3 minute demonstration via Skype as part of my second interview. The key part there is via Skype. That means the interview is via webcam, and my webcam only picks me up from the shoulders up. Whatever demo I do needs to be centered from the shoulders up. I was thinking about doing a demo on how to put a swim cap on, because I used to coach a little kids swim team and that's one of the first things you teach the little swim team kids. For those of you who aren't swimmers, putting on your cap the right way, and the same way every time affects how much drag you have in the water, and it also affects how your goggles fit, thus reducing the likelihood that your googles will fall off or leak when you dive in the water. 

Does anybody have any fun ideas for a short demo?

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Anonymous said...

How exciting! And the interview sounds fun. Can the demo be about ANYTHING?

What about how to apply makeup or something? Like how to do a smokey eye?

Although I think the swim cap thing is really a cute idea.