Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Preppy Battle

A battle has just raged at our house, and at the prompt conclusion I said, "that's it I'm blogging about this." Surely readers, you're on my side, right?

The battle was waged over Sour Patch Kids... that's right Sour Patch Kids, but not just any Sour Patch Kids... the red Sour Patch Kids. It is well known that red Sour Patch Kids taste the best, and there are the least amount of red ones in the package. The PBF has long accused me of picking all the red ones out of the package, and although I occasionally look into the bag and see a red one and snatch it up, in general I just have better luck at getting the red ones. 

Last night, sitting at the kitchen table noshing on some SPK's that the PBF brought home for me, I reach my hand into the bag, and pull out two green ones. With a smile on my face, a wink at PBF (and b/c the PBF was teasing me about picking out all the red ones), I put the green ones back in the bag, shake the bag up, pick a new one and voila its RED! 

PBF immediately starts teasing me, then he comes over steals the bag, dashes to the pantry and grabs four plastic sandwich bags. With his back turned to me he color separates the SPK's, but mysteriously in the process the red one's ALL disappear. I immediately pat him down, check the fridge the cabinets, but there are no red ones to be found.  PBF claims he ate them all, and it was the first time in 4 and a half years that he has been able to eat more than one red SPK. There I am a puddle of despair, with only orange, yellow, and green sour patch kids to nosh.

I claim serious snacking foul, but the PBF says I had it coming... what do you say dear reader :)

*The missing red SPK's did eventually turn up, apparently they were in the sugar canister.


Keri said...

haha too funny...I love that he didn't actually eat them after all. Smart guy :) My bf knows wayyy better than to mess with me and my snacks/dessert.

Scientific Housewife said...

That's hilarious, I love SPKs!