Monday, February 1, 2010


Ya'll might remember a while ago when I hosted a giveaway with the ever lovely Maggie, of the Etsy store MDCardsandGifts... well we're doing it again!

This time the giveaway is hosted by Melissa at Lives of Doctors Wives blog, be sure to drop by and enter, she is giving away lots of great prizes!

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Blue-Eyed Runner said...

How much do you love lifetime? I go to one in NJ. Its relatively new, last February and I have been a member since June. I use it almost entirely for the group fitness classes and pool (and smoothie bar!) I love the yoga classes. I don't know if every location is the same but they recently stepped up their yoga game and are offering a larger variety of classes. There is a HEAT one I've been wanting to try but I think it costs extra.

Thanks for the info on your watch! I never knew a model like that existed! I am definitely going to look into it (hello, tax return).

Also, I am thrilled that you are a follower because I seriously love your blog :)