Thursday, February 18, 2010

Live coverage -Plane crashes into Austin building

This morning at about 10:00 am (30 min after I drove right by this building) a small plane crashed into a 7 story Austin office building. The building is near the FBI field office in Austin, but authorities are saying they don't suspect terrorism. They are unsure if the plane was commercial or private. This building is 5 blocks from my house, seriously 5 blocks. I drive by it everyday at least twice.

Here is a link to the MSNBC live coverage of the event

Curiously enough, Austin has not shut down it's airspace, which means planes are still flying into and out of the city... needless to say, we on the 27th floor, in downtown are a little freaked out about planes flying around outside our window... and we are more than a little freaked out about the commute home tonight (as that requires our driving less than 20feet from the affected building). So far it looks as though everyone but two people in the building have been accounted for, no word yet on who was in the plane.

*Update the plane was flown out of Waco, and eye witness are saying that the plane looked very controlled and as though it were flying at full speed into the building.

*Update smoke was visible from my office window 12 miles away. The fire seems to be out now. Eye witnesses are saying that the plane looked very in control, an IRS official in a nearby building said the plane actually seemed to veer downward as it collided with the building.

*The pilot of this plane set his home on fire before he left MSNBC is saying the plane left Georgetown not Waco. Homeland security is investigating as it combined with the house fire this accident is starting to look intentional. It was a single engine plane.

*Window cleaning crews were using their ladders to pull people from the building immediately after the impact.

*The pilot's wife and daughter were in the home when he set fire to it a neighbor rescued them from the fire

*Only two injuries from within the building, one person unaccounted for. There is no confirmation as to how many people could be on board plane. The plane could hold up to four people.

*I believe Austin has shut down it's airspace and their are now airforce and army helicopters and planes circling over the city


Confessions Of A Domestic Goddess said...

I've been following this horrible!

Scientific Housewife said...

How sad, they said he left a suicide note and hated the IRS.

Elle said...

Yeah, they've taken his note off the internet, but I copied and pasted it into skype for a co-worker so have it if anyone wants to read it....

It's amazing that so few people were hurt... there have also been some pretty amazing stories about people driving by and calling the hospital saying "I just saw a plane crash get ready there's going to be a big trauma..." so the hospital started preparing even before they heard from the police....

Keri said...

wow, so scary and careful!

KatherineAnne said...

How horrible...please be careful!!