Friday, February 12, 2010

Big Star Vintage Liv Jean - Buckle

Hello Readers,

I have a random, yet fun shopping question. A few months ago I popped into my local Buckle store and did a jeans fitting. I have to say Buckle sort of overwhelms me, it's a bad combination of jeans at boutique prices but in a mall setting, and $50 graphic tees. So, typically I avoid Buckle. 

However, this particular day I walked in, and the sales associate was so friendly and so helpful that before I knew it I was in the dressing room trying on half a dozen pair of jeans, three pairs of shoes, and several shirts. I'm telling you this girl was MADE to be a salesperson. Anyway, that day I turned down the jeans... they were just at the top of my price range, and walked out with some super great shoes.

Since then I have been stalking the website and the store periodically "visiting" my friends, and low and behold what do I see this morning but the jeans are on sale (at least online, I haven't called the store to check yet). Not a huge sale, but enough that I'm considering the purchase. So... here's my question readers. The fit of these jeans is amazing, they make me look super thin and like my legs go for miles, and my normally flat bottom looks perky in these. But they are whisker wash. And I just don't feel like I see a lot of whisker wash anymore. Because of the price I want to make sure that these jeans are a style that I can be sure to get my wear out of. So this is the question for you fashion saavy ladies and gentlemen, is the wash on these jeans still fashionable? Would you buy them for $100?

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Scientific Housewife said...

I personally am not a fan of whisker wash but you have to go with what looks good on you. If you like them, you should get them.