Saturday, February 27, 2010

J. Crew + Net-A-Porter = International Preppiness

Hello Lovelies,

Have you heard, I know there are a few of you readers on other continents.... That the ever bi-polar love of my preppy closet J.Crew is going international? J.Crew has entered into an agreement with UK and Canada based web site Net-A-Porter to wholesale a limited selection of J.Crew's wares to Net-A-Porter. Net-A-Porter will then ship them anywhere in the world.... Net-A-Porter is choosing which of J.Crew's wares to carry, and I must say I do hope that they select the prettiest and preppiest, and not the wildest (here's looking at you J.Crew Camo and J.Crew rolled sweat shorts). The wares will be featured on Net-A-Porter beginning in May 2010.


Suburban Princess said...

Interesting! It would be nice if they just opened some stores in Canada tho!

Chloe said...

oooh I've always loved net-a-porter. cool collaboration!