Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Victoria Beckham Swing Ad for Bergdorf Goodman

Good Afternoon Readers,

Having a great day at work today... if only there were more of these and fewer of the other kind of days :) I'm thinking my soy tea misto from Starbucks is certainly helping!
So in yesterday's blog post I confessed my new found love for Rachel Zoe... in today's blog post I find myself confessing a long existing love for Victoria Beckham.
Picture Courtesy of Just Jared

 I love it that she and David have made as much of a career out of their marriage as they did their respective singing and soccer careers, yet one doesn't get the feeling they sold out. You don't ever see them preening before the paps. I love that she is always "put together" when she is out and about, something us southern girls are bred into.
*Image Courtesy of Google Images
I further love that she is so often out and about with her boys. Granted the girl could stand to eat some biscuits and gravy, but overall I think her style is classic, and she seems to do a good job of separating her stardom and her personal life (minus the brief reality foray that was "moving to America").
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So I was of course tickled to see the new ad for her line of dresses at Bergdorf Goodman. I love the lines and angles of the row houses, and rumor has it the short video was shot in only one take. Can you imagine getting all those girls to swing in sync on one take, there must be some mechanical magic I'm not seeing behind that phenomenon. Out of context the ad is a little weird, but I keep picturing it playing in one of the street level display windows surrounded by her dresses and it seems the perfect balance of eye catching, without distracting from the beautiful gowns that will surround it! If I was more savvy at writing a blog,  I would know how to insert the video into the blog post, but I'm not (if anyone knows how do this I'd love any tips), as it is follow the link below to see the ad on you tube.
See the ad on You Tube

So do you love the Beckham's as well?

1. A great fun day at work, even on lunch meeting day!
2. Leaving tomorrow for vacation
3. The dogs behaving nicely while I have the house to myself, and they are left alone ALL day
4. The fun that is my birthday week. Since I'm not close to either of my parents, I rarely get presents or even phone calls from them on my birthday. I'm thankful for that, because I really just take the time around my birthday to think about myself and who I am and where I want to be. I refuse to diet, or be critical of myself during the weeks around my birthday. It's a nice reminder that I am a person of worth, and that God does have a plan for me, even when I can't see it.
5. Having lots of "me" time before the crazy travel schedule of September begins


thepreppyprincess said...

We couldn't add any video to our blog either Miss Complete! We are with you on Ms. Beckham needing to nibble on something to add just a few pounds!

Sending you big Birthday Week smiles,

Red Lipstick Style said...

I love Victoria. Actually I think she is perfect and looks great in everything she wears.

AEOT said...

Ms Beckham needs to eat and needs to learn how to smile. She does neither. I do appreciate that she's a great mom.

short southern momma said...

I do enjoy the Beckham's expecally looking at the male half of the duo! haha

Beth Dunn said...

I do love the Becs! xoxo

TUWABVB said...

I love Becs, but mostly the male one. I woudl likely drive off the road if I saw him mega-life-sized in his undies. But she's a brilliant business woman from what I can see - and she loves her kids, what more could you want?

Laurie Tossy said...

Definitely important to stop being critical of ourselves...and to refuse to diet! Dieting doesn't help our self-esteem or our weight. We can achieve our ideal body by starting with making changes in our mindset first--and that includes loving ourselves as we are and not being critical of ourselves.