Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dreaming of Armani Prive, Thank You Rachel Zoe

The Preppy Boyfriend is traveling for work, and we all know what that means.... I get caught up on eating popcorn, drinking champagne and of course watching reality TV!
Last night I fell in love with a show I had never seen before, and in all honesty had never been interested in before... The Rachel Zoe project. I know as typical I'm behind the trend, I'm sure many of you hip bloggers have been watching the show since it's first season premiered (for those that don't know the second season premiered last week).
I love, love, love this show, because it's opened up a whole new world to me. I love learning about things I didn't know, and while I knew that movie stars and musicians had stylists I hadn't really thought of how that might work. I guess I sort of thought they were like a personal shopper... and they sort of are, but so much better. I can't imagine having designer gowns sent by the dozen and then determining what a star will wear on the red carpet. The jewelry, shoes, gowns, and hand bags... oh I'm swooning!  I love it that there's a point to the show, they're trying to dress a star for an event. As opposed to shows like the Real Housewives where the women don't really accomplish anything besides starting feuds.I also really like the relationship between Rachel and her employees. It's very reminiscent of my current position, and also of the brief time I spent working with Charlotte Moss at the New York Townhouse. Small businesses tend to become a family and they fight and play like family too.
I also completely relate to Taylor feeling like there's no communication even though Rachel is on her black berry 24/7, and I relate to Taylor feeling like there is no room for her to grow. I also definitely understand her frustration over the product line not developing. I too work in a position where I feel like there is not room for me to grow, and I too work for a boss who has promised to include me in a project (in this case writing a book) and the project has gone nowhere since I started. After a while it starts to feel disingenuous to hear someone say over and over you'll get to do X,Y and Z when I get such and such started. Then the weeks and months and years go by and such and such never gets started.
Overall, I think it would be lovely to have Taylor's job, and I'm sure that there are a million people in the world who would want it... but one can only spend so long being an "assistant" anything before one starts longing to achieve more. Brad and his little bow ties make me smile :) I just love this show and cannot wait for next week's episode! After watching this week's episode I dreamt of wearing an Armani Prive gown... a girl could only be so lucky! The following are some of the looks that Rachel created on this season's first episode for the Golden Globes!

*Photos of Rachel Zoe and staff courtesy of Bravo.com, Photos of the golden globes courtesy of google images.

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TUWABVB said...

I'm so glad you are watching this now - I swear, I hate this show, but love it at the same time. I can't look away - it's like a train wreck! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the rest of the season - I have it Tivoed but haven't watched yet.