Thursday, September 3, 2009

J.Crew Ruffled Cami's

I've recently noticed an upgrade in my idea of "affordable" clothing. Ever so slowly I went from my college habit of walking straight to the sales rack, and hunting through the mess at my local TJ Maxx for the cutest thing I could find under $20, to truly believing that a dress "on sale" for $100 was affordable and worth while. Thus, I find myself frequenting J. Crew like never before.
As my idea of "affordable" dresses seems to have changed, my idea of affordable blouses, remained very much the same. So this winter/spring when I fell in love with the J. Crew Victoria Cami I resisted buying it. Then it went on sale, and yet I still resisted believing that $40 was simply too much to pay for a blouse. Apparently, my affordable scale on blouses has gone up because when I saw the coveted Victoria Cami at the J. Crew outlet this weekend I scarfed it up in a beautiful blue for the bargain price of $58. Where oh where has my thrifty side gone? Will it ever be returning?

It had better return soon, because this week I bought myself a birthday present of the J. Crew Francis Cami at the bargain price of $88... sheesh... 

Furthermore, although the Victoria Cami Clearly has pleated ruffles, and the Francis Cami clearly has rounded ruffles, when I showed a co-worker the newest addition the response was "Didn't you just buy that same shirt for $30 cheaper three days ago?" .... OUCH! 

I however am justifying both purchases, because A: They are similar but different and B: The Victoria is in a lovely navy blue that won't work under my black medical school interview suit, whereas the Francis is in a lovely shade of white, that will look stunning under my new interview suit!

All pictures courtesy of J. Crew 

1. Suitable interview suit found, still looking for the perfect one, but I had no idea how stressed I was getting about finding one at all.
2. Leaving for Arkansas tonight, can't wait to spend the weekend with the Preppy Family and meet preppy sister's new beau
3. Nobody at work being irritated at me for getting in at or after 9 --9:30 today eeek! (the loose and general suggestion is be here by 8:30, but thankfully we are VERY flexible). Between packing, and having to do all dog care because preppy boyfriend is traveling for work, my mornings have been hectic... so I definitely needed some grace with regards to attendance!
4. Four day weekend on my birthday :) 
5. Dad's first radiation treatment has been scheduled, that was another big source of unknown stress, I hate that feeling of just waiting to hear from a Dr. I haven't decided yet if it is reasonable for me to fly out for the visit or not. But it's nice to have a plan of treatment!


Southern Belle said...

So agree on the clothes. I remember buying whatever was on sale at Macy's. Now, I'm like that is soooooo cheap. I guess that just goes hand in hand with being a poor college student. I am a SUCKER for ruffles. I'm such a girly girl to a T. Thanks so much for searching for me! You are too sweet. Peppermint Palm lists the tunic, but when you go to put it in your basket, it says item not available. Boo! I wish they would update their website. The other site doesn't carry it any longer either. I just hope it comes on Ebay. Thanks so much for reading my blog. Have a fabulous holiday weekend.

-PS: Sorry for the novel I just wrote you. Tehe=)

Chanel Fashionista said...

I am feeling the same way! I go to Forever 21 way less and J.Crew way more! It's funny how that works! And I own both of those tops too, so you aren't the only one :)

Cute blog!

Together We Save said...

Beautiful clothes. I am still at the bargain rack stage but they are very pretty.

Beth Dunn said...

I hear you on the price but it will look lovely with so many things I've been thinking about getting one too--just not sure which color. Happy birthday! xoxo

TUWABVB said...

I love both of those pieces and I think they will last you a lifetime. They are timeless- so take that $5 TJ Maxx tank top! Hope you have a great weekend!

cMe said...

I have the Victoria in a pretty plummy color. I did NOT know they went on sale for $40 though. I paid full price for mine. = (

And I never watched did they feed that many people in a tiny kitchen?!?