Monday, September 14, 2009

San Francisco and Las Vegas

Thank You all for the sweet thoughts and comments! Thankfully I caught the next available flight to San Francisco with no problems!

I finished with my first interview this afternoon. Overall, I'm at peace, I really like the school... but I don't know how I did (these things are kind of set up to leave you wondering). I'm okay with not knowing, I really just have a sense of calm knowing that God can't plan the ends without planning the means. And if I'm supposed to be a Dr. and I've done all I can do to get there, I know that the right doors will open. Whether here or elsewhere. So... see you later San Francisco....

Vegas Here I come!
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 I have another interview tomorrow morning. Send prayers and positive thoughts my way. The interview this morning was sort of hostile and they asked several really hard questions, oddly enough I prefer that type of interview to an interview where they ask you sort of open ended questions like "What are your weaknesses?" The school I'm interviewing at tomorrow sort of has a reputation for asking these kind of questions... I'm hoping to be able to answer these questions as directly and without blabbing as possible... EEEEKK! I'm looking forward to the weekend!

I will be a little MIA from commenting this week, but each of you are in my thoughts, and I promise that I'll read up when I get done interviewing and caught up on work!


dreaming in pink and green said...

good luck! you'll do great, no doubt!

TUWABVB said...

WOW - what a process! Good luck on your interviews and I hope you have time to have some fun in Vegas.

Queen of Cashmere said...

Have a great time in Vegas! Thank you so much for the link on your blog roll! You made my day

Anonymous said...

You know we're thinking good thoughts for you Miss Completely, comfortable in the knowledge you are doing great and things will turn out as they are supposed to, just as you wrote.

Sending a smile and a hug,