Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thank You According to Nina and Lisa Porter

One of my favorite things about being a member of blog land is the wonderful and creative bloggers I have met. 

Recently, two such bloggers created wonderful pieces for me. Nina B. of According to Nina created wonderful note cards that I will be sending to the medical school admissions staff and committee as a thank you for my interview day. Thank You Nina, these cards are stunning! Nina was so easy to work with, and I enjoyed getting to know her better through the process. She created these gorgeous cards, with almost no direction from me, and yet they are everything I wanted and more! Nina creates wonderful designs for any occasion, visit her blog to get to know her better and see more of her work.

(I cut my name off, but imagine a beautiful name in stunning navy script at the on the top 1/2 of the card)

The lovely Lisa Porter of the ever wonderful Lisa Porter Collection , also created a stunning watercolor of the preppy family home that we gave to Preppy Mother for her birthday! Lisa was also a joy to work with! She created the stunning piece of art in two weeks, express shipped it and gift wrapped it so it would be there on time for Preppy Mothers birthday. Lisa is a rare painter, she paints both structures and people. She confessed to me that she loves to paint babies. Please stop by and browse Lisa's blog, and I assure you a watercolor is a wonderful preppy gift for anyone!

Thank you both ladies, I greatly appreciate your talent and am so glad I've had the pleasure to work with you both.


TUWABVB said...

Gosh, I'm in awe of that painting - beautiful! And the notecards are gorgeous - I just might have to contact her myself to celebrate our new address!

AEOT said...

I bet your future MIL loved that painting. How could she not- it's gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nina did great work on your cards. I think they are perfect for medical school interviews. Feminine, great colors, and still professional.

Yea for great things in the mail!!

Anonymous said...

both of those are just beautiful!!! I agree we meet some awesome awesome people here in blogland! Hope you are having a great day! = )

Lisa said...

Thank you so much for the kind comments, the pleasure was all mine. I also love that Nina! I will need to place an order with her in the near future! Good luck with your interviews & stay in touch.

Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you thank you!!!! You are so sweet. It was a pleasure to work with you too. Sending good thoughts & lots of luck your way -- Good luck with the admissions! xxoo Nina

M.L.G. said...

What a beautiful painting! How special that it is of your house. Thanks for introducing me to this artist. Best, Melanie