Monday, September 28, 2009

Preppy Classic Skirts and Pants, personal shop me please!

Hello Readers!

I'm at work and forgot to upload my photos last night, so I promise I'll do it tonight so you can see some of the medical school admissions celebration :)
In the meantime, I'm setting myself a budget in order to save up money for school, and to get an idea of how much money I really NEED to live on. One of those steps for me is of course budgeting for clothes. So I've been thinking of what classic items that need to be added to my closet. In addition to that, I have a consistent problem. I love buying shirts and blouses, love it. But I hate to buy bottoms of any kind. I just can never think of what I need or want to add to my closet. So I thought I would post some of my staple items (I as most people have some random items that don't get worn very often, but these are my season after season, week after week items), then perhaps you readers could tell me what bottoms I need to add? Later this week if I get around to it I'll post dresses, and blouses and what not. I think you all would be the best personal shoppers ever! So please send any and all applicable items my way :) This of course may seem way more fun to me than it is to you, so if you find this incredibly boring, do tell and I won't continue to drag you through my closet...

I have this banana republic pencil skirt in gray, black, and tan.

I have this black pencil skirt from the limited that I wore to my interviews.

I also have a skirt very similar to this Banana Republic skirt in cream.

I have a gray wool A-line skirt very similar to this from H & M.

I have this BCBG Mina Tulip high waist mini in royal blue.

I have two skirts similar to this Charlotte Russe Eyelet skirt in white and pink.

I have a long skirt similar to this one, only mine hits at the calf and has a long slit up the back... it's basically a long camel colored pencil skirt.

I have a black loose fit, just below the knee skirt similar to this one.

I have these pants from Gap in dark brown and a similar pair from Express in white.

I have a pair of wide leg pants from Macy's similar to these from Gap. Although mine don't tie and are closer to camel and the pattern is smaller with traces of blue and pink.

I have two pair of black pants similar to these. 

I have a pair of Khakis from J. Crew (although the ones shown here are from Gap).

I have a pair of ankle length black leggings.

I have a pair of lightweight gray wool pants like these, except mine are more of a bootcut and have a black pinstripe.

So wonderful readers, what bottoms do I absolutely need to add to my wardrobe for this year?


thepreppyprincess said...

Wow, you have some great basic pieces Miss Complete, that's outstanding.

The only thing I could think of would be just for fun and for you, not for interviews, and that would be a skinny jean. If that holds any appeal.

Have a great week!

Kristin said...

Ruffled blouses are out with a vengeance. You can find some pretty ones at Nordstrom, Banana Republic and J Crew! Also, I'm loving collar length pearl necklaces. Work appropriate, yet still interesting. I really love this BR one.

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