Monday, June 7, 2010

Preppy's Busy Summer Calendar

Hello Lovelies,

About a month ago I found this simple four month calendar online... it was kind of hard to find a four month blank printable calendar... but when I found one I was ecstatic... I printed off four copies. One for my office, one for my home office, one for the preppy boyfriend's office, and one for the fridge at home. On each copy I wrote our schedule for the summer... I was tickled pink! We had plans almost every weekend to travel or to have family visit. We also had a set moving day, and of course my favorite day of the summer was on there (MY LAST DAY OF WORK- HURRAY), the San Francisco Marathon Day, and my first day of school are all marked.

I love looking forward and seeing all those plans carefully laid out and recorded. Plus, it made me feel very loved and important to have such an agenda. I know that sounds shallow, but as our time left in Austin quickly draws to a close I'm realizing how many wonderful and loving people we have in our lives, purely because it feels as though we won't have enough time to see and enjoy them all before we leave. Every time I see a copy of my little calendar on the fridge, or in either of my offices, it makes me smile!

The preppy boyfriend however, hates the calendar. Every time he sees the calendar he realizes how much traveling we'll be doing, how much money we'll be spending, and how little time he'll have to just sit on the back porch and drink a nice cold beer.

That got me wondering about you dear readers, do you find a sense of joy, and peace, and comfort from having a well planned calendar? Or does it stress you out?

Speaking of calendars I'm on the hunt for the perfect day planner... now I know universities often have their own day planners for sale in the book store that include the academic calendar and all your holidays off and what not, and although those are super handy I want something unique, and pretty... something that's going to make me smile every time I pull it out to cross something off. A few must haves on my future day planner are pockets to keep some extra money in, and possibly my student ID. It needs to be relatively thin, so I can easily put it in a purse or an already full laptop bag without breaking the zipper. A month view with squares that I can write on and a weekly view that takes up two pages and includes all seven days with the five days of the work week taking up the most space allowing for lots and lots of room to add to do items....  Phew... I'm not picky now am I?

So Lovelies, any fantastic day planner suggestions?


d.a.r. said...

Our summer calendar is shaping up the same. We have two weekends off between now and Sept. 18!! I kind of love it, even if it is intimidating.

I really love my is awesome!

Silver Strands said...

I can't get by without my calendars ... LOVE them! (I'm a real "list" person though ... I LOVE crossing things off ... In fact, sometimes when I do something that's not on my "list" for the day, I hurry and write it down just so I can cross it off!) Anyway, Franklin Covey has the very best planners ... just about every kind you can imagine. Look for them online or at Target.

Trish said...

Hey babydoll, I am ALL ABOUT the calendar. Someone has to be! :) It does get me a little nervous and antsy sometimes looking at all we have on the agenda, but having it all centralized at least helps us manage it all and we can ultimately make choices on what we will commit to. I hope you had a wonderful visit with family and friends, and that the house hunting trip was a success! Miss you lots, hope we can catch up this week! xoxo Big hugs

Absolutely Ladylike said...

Oh, I like having a well planned doesn't stress me at all I feel the same joy as you every time when I see it :-)

Cheers: Evi

Practically Perfect... said...

I like having things planned out where I can see them, but I don't like for things to be jam-packed, either. I like to have my free time to make last-minute plans :-)

If you find a good planner, let me know. I bought the myAgenda and wasn't crazy about it. I think it's because the week is weird. Instead of it showing Sunday - Saturday, it shows Monday through Sunday. I didn't like that because my work schedules are always Sunday - Saturday, so I was always having to flip back a page or ahead a page.

Josh and Char said...

I love to have a calendar to have things organized and planned out. I do like my free time and as someone said time for last minute things. Being a recent college grad I used SO many planners. The university ones are nice, but more expensive and not always as pretty. Try a local bookstore (Borders, Barnes and Noble, etc.) or Target has very nice ones. You may have to wait until closer to the start of the school year. Office Max/Depot usually have some, but again not as pretty. You go girl!