Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Academic Schedule...

Hello lovelies,

Minor anticipatory freak out today at the preppy house! You see, they've released the official academic calendar for the Fall 2010/ Spring 2011 school year... Turns out that my first big group of block exams also happens to fall on my birthday week (that's right folks I celebrate my birthday for a whole week... more abut that in a later post). My gift to myself this year... will be lots and lots of time with my nose in a textbook.

What are block exams you ask? Well, research has shown that one of the biggest causes for students falling behind in medical school is that they study the way they did for undergrad... meaning they study for what is  most important that week. So, if you had an exam you study for the exam in that one class, if you had a major paper due, the majority of your study time went to working on that paper.

 Although, this technique is a means to be adequately successful in undergrad. The sheer volume of information presented to you in medical school makes this technique an impossible route to success. My school operates under a system that aims to prevent students from falling into this trap. That system is block exams. What that means is that if you have a test in one class, you have a test in all your classes. So, imagine for a moment that every time you take a test it's like midterms or finals week.

Now... flash back to what's important here... my-birthday-week-coincides-with-my-first-week-of-block-exams.... EEEK! Let the test anxiety begin now!

And if you should find me like this come the first week of September, you'll know it's not because I drank too much!

A big preppy welcome to all of my new followers! It's a thrill to get to know you more! You've caught the preppy house at a time of upheaval as we are only a few short weeks away from moving across the country so I can start medical school... so if my posts seem a little random, or whiny, or stressed right now... I do hope you'll forgive me and stick around to see how the story begins!


d.a.r. said...

Yuuuckkkk. At least you will be able to really celebrate your birthday after your exams...with nothing hanging over your head!

Chin up girl, you are going to do JUST FINE! They would not have accepted you if they thought you would fail.

Suburban Princess said...

Fortunately you can celebrate your birthday anytime! And it can be double the fun when you celebrate finishing exams and your birthday at the same time!

Suzi said...

My birthday is the beginning of September also and I LOVE to celebrate for a week also! I always love that extra day off of school for Labor Day break! :)

S and O said...

Aaww that's the worst, hope you pass :D


Silver Strands said...

DANG Elle! Does it help that you made me laugh with those pictures? Ok. I think I have a solution. This year you should do as The Mad Hatter and celebrate your UN-BIRTHDAY weeks. OK? Let preppy boyfriend in on it so he's not shocked at the number of gifts you'll be expecting.


Keri said...

I can't believe you move so soon! Good luck with all the last minute craziness!

Scientific Housewife said...

Don't they always have the best timing! You'll have even more reason to celebrate once they are over!

Lisa said...

Welcome to a new season of LIFE! You will be fine and all the more stronger for it all happening at once.
Your poor children.....when and if you become a mom, make sure that they know what "mommy" had to do to be the smart, muti-tasking, multi-talented, woman that you are. That will teach them to keep their noses in the books so that they can be whatever they want to be! Have a wonderful birthday!
xo Lisa

Trish said...

Hi sweetheart, how are you doing Elle? Hanging in there? Getting all packed up?? I wish I was closer and could come help you pack. I know you already have so much on your mind, and having block exams scheduled during your birthday week stinks! I say you will need to make it birthday MONTH! I'm here for you, let me know how I can help you dear friend, even if it's just emotional support and someone to vent to! xoxo Lots of love!

Practically Perfect... said...

Oh my word - that's horrid! I think I'd be freakin' out just a bit, but I know that you're going to do an amazing job! You can do it!

Poppies and Sunshine said...

Wow, this sounds exhausting!! I am sure you will do great though!!
And I usually use the whole month as an excuse to do things to celebrate my birthday! So, I understand how important birthday week is!