Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pink and Green Thursday Decor Edition

Love the nautical stripes on the sofa... and how charming are those children's chairs by the coffee table?

This would make such a lovely little girls nursery wouldn't it?

This room continues to pop up all over blog land... but honestly what's not to love?

I know the post is about pink and green, but I love the background behind the couch... I can't decide if it's a window, or it's patterned wall paper... either way I love it!

For all you Bohemians :)

This room is my favorite one of the whole post... that charming wall paper... the simple rug... love it!

I adore the mix of patterns on this chair, it's just enough to create interest, but doesn't overwhelm the eye!

Love the Soft touch the pink and green chair adds to this room.

I positively swoon over the pink accent wall/ceiling in this room... it's the perfect touch!

Lovely shade of pink for a library or home office don't you think?

Two more great accent walls... never in a million years would I pair chartreuse with sea foam with black, and yet it really looks quite lovely.

This pink and orange entryway reminds me of Eddie Ross

How charming is this little seating area... that couch just calls to me... although I wold probably stain it just by looking at it!

More lovely wall paper... perhaps I'll do a whole post on rooms with wall paper one day!

Love this pink and grey nook... I think I need a nook in my life!

I am swooning over the fabric on both of these sofas!


Love this simple and stunning bathroom... the details on the mirror pair so wonderfully with the simple and solid sink... I wonder what the bath tub looks like?

Another fabulous wall paper room!

Okay... so this is more purple than pink... but lets pretend okay?

As much as I love pink I don't normally think pink when I think clean and modern... this room has informed me that perhaps I should!

Thanks Trishy for hosting this wonderful blog game... 


I'maNolaGirl said...

These are all such gorgeous spaces! It's funny the one that stood out to me the most was the space with the pink umbrella! It just looked like the absolute perfect thing to put in that area!

Poppies and Sunshine said...

So much wonderful inspiration! My favorite room has to be the 10th picture down...the one with the touches of teal. It's simply beautiful!! Thank you for sharing all these wonderful interiors.

Anonymous said...

So lovely! Wow - I never thought pink and green together could look so chic.

(I had a pink and green bedroom as a kid, and it was very Girly Tween Chic rather than Actual High Fashion Chic.)

Anonymous said...

Amazing rooms! I can't choose which is my favorite!

Keri said...

Where do you find these beautiful pics??

Trish said...

Hey sweet pea, I've literally been stuck on your post for the last 30 minutes, I can't get enough of these pretty rooms! I've been drinking in every detail, and wouldn't you know, the room that is my favorite is yours too! (Of course it is!! :) ) I LOOVEEEEEE that wallpaper with the pink blossoms, it is amazing! Sooo chic. My second favorite is the room with the super tall ceilings and turquoise dreamy, I would LOVE to have a living room like that! The pink floral sofa and the green patterned chair are fabulous, what a great combo, and the magnolia wallpaper, so Southern, I just love it! Thanks so much for another gorgeous and inspiring Pink & Green Thursday post! :) xoxo Hugs to you sweetie!