Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Christina Hendricks (Mad Men) at Brooks Brothers

Hello Lovelies,

Have ya'll seen the latest pictures of Christina Hendricks from Mad Men? I was just watching the show last night, and was shocked that I almost didn't recognize her. She looks darling... but without her trademark curves, and stunning eyeliner... well she's just not our Joanie now, is she? Don't mistake me, the woman is stunning either way... 

I'm more accustomed to seeing the stunning actress like this:


What Preppy Wore Day 27 (note to self when wearing cotton take photo at the start of the day, to avoid wrinkle-city-sloppy-face look...mmmkay?)

Button Down Pin Stripe Oxford - J. Crew summer 2009
Gap Boyfriend Cardigan - Fall 2009
Khaki Pants - J. Crew Winter 2006
Patent Blue Loafers - Tommy Hilfiger - Marshalls Fall 2008
Pink Pearl Earrings - Gift Christmas 2008


Silver Strands said...

Cute as ALWAYS Elle! Oh ... YAY! .. thanks for following me now :)

Anonymous said...

Love the shoes! So cute!

And you're right about CHen - she looks totally different!

Pretty Little World said...

I love Christina Hendricks - have you seen this photo of her in denim and glasses? She looks completely differently, but I think really pretty.

I love your outfit! That pop of blue is quite lovely!

Valerie said...

She looks so different! I love your boyfriend cardigan and I think I have that J Crew button down (I'm actually wearing it today!).

S and O said...

I love her style as well as her orange hair, Jealous :D


Bumpkin on a Swing said...
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Bumpkin on a Swing said...

Trish is suppose to send me Mad Men seasons 1 & 2, can't wait, why have I never washed this. I think you are allowed to be wrinkled a little sometimes, keeps it real!
Hey my word verification is howtchef, think it knows about the preppy boyfriend.

Okay I will leave the mistake for authenicity and to give you a good laugh. I think I may have been watching too much laundry lately. tee hee hee

thepreppyprincess said...

Love this post Miss Complete, you know how crazy we are about Mad Men and how much we adore Ms. Hendricks!

It has been great getting caught up on your posts, I am sooooo far behind on some of my favorite blogs, yikes! You are right about that nephew of yours, he is one handsome little guy! (We sense a stream of broken hearts once he hits high school!)

What good news to see you spent time with your family, good for you. "What preppy Wore" is splendid, you are looking classic in every picture, whoo-hoo! How fun!

Sending you a big smile as time until the big move gets closer,

Jammer said...

I know...where did those curves go?! I mean, she's still obviously beautiful, but I kind of miss her old look!

Anonymous said...
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Poppies and Sunshine said...

Love her style! She is so pretty! I love those pearl earrings too. I can't get enough of pearls!

Marcie said...

She is so pretty. You look great too!

This is such a fun blog.