Sunday, March 7, 2010

Preppy February Blogs

Hurray! Today is the first day of our monthly preppy group blog post. On Friday I asked ya'll to send me your favorite posts from your own blogs to share with other readers from the month of February... Ya'll were a little on the shy side, but there's always next month, so throughout March, if you create a really wonderful post keep me in mind and send it my way for the Preppy March Blogs!

While most of you were super shy, the Suburban Princess was wonderfully hasty and shared this lovely post....

Aren't those sweaters just the cutest things? I could handle a few more weeks of cold wrapped up in some of those! :)

My favorite blog post from my own blog this month was "Envy Robs Us Of..."

And since you my darling readers were a little hesitant to share your favorite posts from your own blogs, I thought I would share my favorite posts from some of the other blogs I read (I chose these posts because they are blogs I read, but they are not people who follow my blog, so perhaps they'll be new to you).

The first one is a post entitled "10+ Ridiculous" By Danielle over at 6-year med. Danielle is a senior resident in an unnamed pediatric hospital. She is currently rotating through the NICU, and so often her stories are heartbreaking, but the realism in her tone and the tenderness in her writing are very refreshing. This post however, made me laugh and laugh.

The next post I wanted to share is from "the Ultimate Fake Out" Ali over at Ali's African Adventures. Ali is working in the pediatrics unit on the largest hospital ship in the world, the M/VAfrica Mercy. Which is operated by Mercy Ships. Her stories remind me of how privileged we are to grow up in America. Where she is at in Africa there is only one doctor for every 25,000 people. This particular story about a little boy they helped heal, reminded me that there are good people in the world doing great things for one another.

Have fun reading lovelies! And be sure to participate next month! :)


Scientific Housewife said...

Great posts!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for gathering these, it is so good to see new and different blogs, as well as those we know and love!

Hope yur week is stellar!