Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Preppy Giveaway -- Cards

Hurray! I am finally getting around to anouncing my giveaway. The giveaway was held when I reached 100 followers, all you had to do to be entered, was to have commented on my blog once in the 10 days before I reached 100 followers. For each comment you left, you got one entry.

I typed in the names of all of you who commented on my blog into random.org. This is just a part of the list.

Then I selected Randomize

And this is what I came up with! Congratulations AEOT! 

You have $10 to spend at MDCardsandGifts Etsy shop. You can use it towards any of the handmard cards you see on the site, you can have your own monogram or thank you cards made, or since I know puddin' is coming just around the corner you can also have her make you some baby announcements! Anything sold on the site can be personalized, and she is super wonderful at listening to your ideas and creating something gorgeous just for you!


Keri said...

Wow, those cards are beautiful! And I was so close to winning! I can't imagine why...I never comment on here :) I will have to check out the site because they are so cute.

Trish said...

Congrats to the lucky winner!

P.S. You've been tagged a socialite! XO

Jane H. said...

Aww..great giveaway. I regret missing it.

I started a blog that I think you might like too. It combines fashion and giving back to charities. Each week, I will give away 1 Lilly Pulitzer dress (this week it’s the Pink Adelson Shift from Spring 2010) to one lucky follower, who raises awareness of the blog's selected charity through various ways such as tweeting about it or commenting with an interesting fact. I am currently also giving away some great Lilly stationary items too. Please check out my blog at www.shop4charity.blogspot.com because doing good is chic!

AEOT said...

Miss Elle,

I'm feel terrible that I have just now gotten around to thanking you for this. I really don't think any excuse can justify my lack of response and lack of thanks. My huge apologies! I'm going to head over tonight and check out her things. I'm sure there is something perfect waiting for me there!!