Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mad Men Barbie

Sorry for the double post today Lovelies, but it looks like two of my favorite things are going to merge...

Mattel has inked a deal with Mad Men to release a series of Mad Men Barbies... Although I'm not a Barbie Collector as a child I loved barbies, and many of my childhood favorite Barbies were from TV shows. For Example I loved Arial from the Little Mermaid and Brenda from 90210. 

The Mad Men dolls will release in July, the same month that the fourth series of the show will start on A & E.

What were your favorite Barbies growing up? And have you jumped on the Mad Men bandwagon? If not you'd better hop on it soon, b/c its a fantastic show :)


Bella Michelle said...

Those are WONDERFUL! My daughter loves her Barbies, even at 18 and my favorite of hers was an Anne Klein version from the mid very chic!

BTW, never apologize for posting to read it all!

Scientific Housewife said...

I love Mad Men so I think that's so cool they are making dolls!