Friday, August 6, 2010

Preppy Loves Translucent Powder

Hello Lovelies,

I have a confession to make... I'm not a very make-up exploring kind of girl. I rarely leave the house without makeup, and although I do like to sample new eyeshadow shades I must admit that I am not one to run out and try a new product. I also, am not the type of girl to read a beauty magazine and then run out and try to imitate the look on my own humble face, I realize that all those girls may be naturally beautiful but they are stunningly beautiful in the magazine thanks to an army of makeup and hair and lighting and photoshop professionals, thus in my real life I will never approach such ethereal levels of beauty; and since my mother is really not a make-up kinda of woman she never really taught me how to apply make-up... so learning about things like the wonders of a skin smoothing primer (Sephora is the best I think) have come along as beautiful women in my life share their tips.

But, I have long wanted to try translucent powder... I'm not sure why it just seemed like a great way to set everything on my face and also to get rid of some of the glossiness of my forehead and my big red Norwegian nose. Well lovelies, I recently found some translucent powder on such a great deal that I simply had to buy it and I must say I am not disappointed. My glossyness has been greatly reduced, and I find that my overall make-up seems to stay fresher longer when I apply the powder, I also find that it is really quite handy in evening me out if I happen to go a little heavy handed on the blush or bronzer... 

I may be very late to this game loves, but truthfully if you do not already use translucent powder, hop on this train ASAP it is as transformative of my face-putting-on-experience as the use of primer!