Thursday, August 5, 2010

Architecture Digest Top 100 Rooms

Hello lovelies,

These images are from Architecture Digests June 2010 article on the top 100 fabulous rooms created by designers and architects... aren't they just stunning?

The silver leaf on the arched ceiling of this room adds such a wonderful touch of glamour, doesn't it? I love had made velvet draperies. This lovelies is what a Manhattan penthouse should look like!

From over the top glamourous to classically casual Americana... as much as I love the first, I would feel far more comfortable in the second! Love the industrial cart used as a coffee table, and the giant pair of scissors as a focal point in the large space above the fireplace. How charming is that vintage stop sign as a centerpiece? When so many rooms today are overdecorated and crammed with loads of pattern and color, I find this simple space to be a charming and easy breath of fresh air!

If I were a countess in Italy redeveloping my large estate I most certainly would want it to end up looking like this! I love the exposed brick archway, and the chandelier in the entry way. I adore the bleached wood beams along the ceiling, and that fabulous recessed window... in any season this room would be a fabulous retreat!

This room is a wonderful example of modern elegance gone exactly right! the Lucite chairs and tables, the huge mirrors with sconces mounted in the middle, and please don't forget to notice the quilting on the last few feet of those fantastic silk draperies. I've been dreaming of partially quilted draperies since I first saw this image months ago!

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Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Fabulous photos! Those silver quilted curtains at the bottom are amazing!