Sunday, August 15, 2010

Beautiful Words

Hello Lovelies,

In an alternate universe, one in which I wasn't worried about how to pay for life, but one in which I could pursue any avenue I might desire... I think I would have wanted to grow up a writer. My scientific and very logical brain has always reminded me that it's a rare thing to be a successful writer and those magical things called atoms always called me back into the science lab. However, there is something positively breathtaking in being able to put words onto a page and have them express in a beautiful way exactly what the moment feels like, or looks like, or tastes like. The essence of experience carved into written word and recorded on a page... occasionally I still feel a little bit of magic when I put words onto the page a while ago Denalee at Silver Strands did a thought provoking post on her blog asking what beautiful things tugged at her reader's heart string... and this was my response... something to which I've come back several times. 

The three places of beauty that always still my heart and send me singing... are the vast open expanses of land in the west, be it Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Nevada or any other western state... to look out and be able to see for miles and miles and to realize the unique beauty of  that vast expanse of land land basically untouched by human hands always stops me in my tracks, and leaves me standing with breath abated and eyes wide open trying to take it all in.

The other place is always a bubbling stream, and a shady nook tucked away in the greenery be it ferns, or trees, or shrubs. A little moss on the rocks, and the sound of the stream, and suddenly I have those happy peaceful goosebumps and in that moment I hear oh so strongly the voice of my creator inviting me to stop and sit and linger for just a while in His beauty.

The third place of beauty for me is in the presence of someone who is giving in love. Be it a life lived to minister to the sick, or needy, to those in the US or abroad. My heart is always touched to hear stories of how humans creatively meet the needs of others. How some are willing to sacrifice the stability, and the three bedroom house, and white picket fence that so calls to me in my sleep. How they are willing to sacrifice it to spend their days feeding the homeless in our American cities, hugging orphans on the African plains, or on ships in the arctic trying to prevent the slaughter of whales. Those who believe so strongly in creating a better world for the people and animals with whom we share this planet... they are things of beauty... and I hope just by standing in their presence, by hearing their stories... some of that selfless giving, some of that deep drowning belief in something bigger than myself, some hope for a Utopia, not only in heaven but here on earth, will rub off on me; that I might walk away from that encounter, less like me and more like my savior....

What about you darling readers... in an alternate universe where anyone can become anything and money doesn't matter... what career might you have chosen? And what are the things of beauty that tug at your heart strings?

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Scientific Housewife said...

Great post! I would have become a Marine Biologist because I love the ocean and everything about it. Unfortunately, they make little money for all the work they do so it wasn't the job for me.